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What the eagle sees : Indigenous stories of rebellion and renewal —Yellowhorn, Eldon, 1956- author.

"Indigenous people across Turtle Island have been faced with disease, war, broken promises, and forced assimilation. Despite crushing losses and insurmountable challenges, they formed new nations from the remnants of old...

Raven tales. Starlight, star bright

The children are sitting outside staring at the stars, wondering aloud how they come to take the shapes that they make in the sky. Overhearing them, Eagle tells them the story about how the old man and his daughter, who...

Grandmother, what are the seven teachings? —Samatte, Sandra, author.

A book about the seven Sacred Teachings and the animals that represent each teaching.

Elizabeth dances pow-wow —McArthur, Elaine, author.

Elizabeth Dances Pow-wow tells the story of young Indigenous girl who loves to dance. One day she learns how to dance pow wow and it is then she learns the story of why her people dance pow-wow.

Hiawatha and the Peacemaker —Robertson, Robbie, author, composer.
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Hiawatha, a Mohawk, is plotting revenge for the murder of his wife and daughters by the evil Onondaga Chief, Tadodaho, when he meets the Great Peacemaker, who enlists his help in bringing the nations together to share hi...

Grandfather, what is a medicine wheel? —Samatte, Sandra, author.

A grandfather explains to his grandchildren what a medicine wheel is and how it is used.

Encounter —Luby, Brittany, author.

"Two people navigate their differences with curiosity and openness in this stunning picture book that imagines the first meeting between an Indigenous fisher and a European sailor. Based on an actual journal entry by Fre...

Spirit run a 6,000-mile marathon through North America's stolen land —Álvarez, Noé.
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"Growing up in Yakima, Washington, Noé Álvarez worked at an apple-packing plant alongside his mother, who "slouched over a conveyor belt of fruit, shoulder to shoulder with mothers conditioned to believe this was all t...

Raven, rabbit, deer —Holler, Sue Farrell, 1962- author.

"A little boy spends the day with his grandfather, endearingly imagining himself to be the caregiver. On a walk through the forest, the grandfather teaches him to identify a number of animals and their tracks: raven, rab...

Raven tales. The flood

When tiny Mouse Woman warns the children of the First People that a great flood is coming, the children must convince their parents to flee to the safety of the mountain.

Spirit of the trees. Living knowledge

"Tribal members of from Mashpee Wampanoags, Nansemonds, Pequots, Mohawks and others speak. They are among the first people to greet Europeans. These tribes were completely interdependent with the eastern forests, rivers,...

Grandmother, what is a talking stick? —Samatte, Sandra, author.

A grandmother tells her grandchildren what a talking stick is used for.

Grandmother, what is a sharing circle? —Samatte, Sandra, author.

A grandmother tells her grandchildren about about sharing circles.

1491, the untold story of the Americas before Columbus. Episode 3, Agriculture and hunting

A docu-drama mini-series that brings to life the complexity, diversity and interconnectedness of Indigenous peoples in the Americas before the arrival of Columbus. Episode 3 -- The Neolithic era began more than 10,00...

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