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10 Results
Made in America

Made in America: An inquisitive young black woman discovers her biological father is an anonymous sperm-bank donor, a white used-car salesman whose cornball commercials blanket cable TV.

Paper man

Richard Dunn, a no-hit wonder of a novelist, is sent to Long Island by his wife, who expects him to get cracking on his next novel. Dunn isn't totally alone, though. Along for the ride is a local teen who befriends Richa...

Daniel isn't real

Troubled college freshman Luke suffers a violent family trauma and resurrects his childhood imaginary friend Daniel to help him cope. Charismatic and full of manic energy, Daniel helps Luke to achieve his dreams, before ...

Sundays at Tiffany's

Michael is a guardian angel who appears to children when they need an imaginary friend. From the ages of five to ten-years old, Jane Claremont was one of his charges. Now she is about to marry TV series star Hugh Danderf...

Moone boy. The complete series

The hilarious, semi-autobiographical tale of Martin Moone, the youngest boy in a loud, large Irish family, and his imaginary friend Sean Murphy. Between Martin's unique view on life and Sean's not always helpful advice, ...

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When Beth's son brings home an imaginary friend named "Z", she becomes concerned that he is falling too deep into a world of make-believe. He starts to display extremely destructive behavior, blaming Z for all of his act...


Harmless tippler Elwood P. Dowd confides in a 6-foot rabbit called Harvey that only he can see.

Telling lies

In order to win back her ex-boyfriend by making him jealous, Faith and her friend Eve invent a man named Vincent. Things seem to be going right until a detective accuses Faith of murdering Vincent, and tries to convince ...

My magic dog

Toby's invisible dog Lucky turns out to be a big help when evil Aunt Violet tries to steal Toby's inheritance.


Seven-year-old Albert has the most wonderful make-believe pal of all--a playful, gentle giant named Bogus. Harriet is an ambitious businesswoman with no time for family. But family is what she gets when newly orphaned Al...