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30 Results
50th anniversary DVD collection

A picture for Harold's room. Harold wants a picture for his room, so he draws one. The theme of perspective is imaginatively expressed throughout the film, as Harold draws himself in and out of a succession of size relat...

I'm Dirty! & I Stink!

Stories include: I'm Dirty!, Burt Dow: Deep-Water Man, Stars! Stars! Stars!, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves, Johnny Appleseed, I Stink!, Trashy Town, Mike Mulligan, and His Steam Shovel, The Remarkable Riderless Runaway...

Harry the dirty dog and more terrific tails.

HARRY THE DIRTY DOG : Harry runs away before bath time. When he returns home covered in mud, his family doesn't recognize him. How will they know who he really is? OFFICER BUCKLE & GLORIA : When Officer Buckle tries t...

Sid the science kid. Feeling good inside and out

When Sid decides to sit and watch TV all weekend long, he learns an unhappy fact: that not exercising makes your body feel terrible! When Sid decides that he is only going to eat birthday cake at every meal, he soon regr...

Go potty go! for boys and girls

A girl and boy panda provide information to inspire and motivate children's interest in toilet training.

Once upon a potty for him

Explains simply why and how a little boy uses a potty, set to music. Includes advice to parents and the latest in professional advice.

A very funny Christmas

Delight in these two hilarious, heart-warming comedies, based on the best-selling books by David Walliams. In Gangsta Granny, a little boy's dull evening with Granny turns wildly thrilling when Granny reveals her felonio...

I'm dirty!-- and more stories of adventure and science

I'm dirty!: A sassy backhoe loader who likes to brag about his equipment and relishes his job gets to work and gets dirty!

Human body for children. All about health & hygiene

In this program young students will explore how and why people get sick, and what they can do to help keep themselves strong and healthy.

Head lice an itchy problem!

Explains what head lice are, how they are transmitted from one person to another, and why it is important to detect and treat head lice as early as possible.

Ruby's studio. The safety show

Through creative animation, original songs, and easy-to-follow arts and crafts projects, beloved host Ruby, from the award-winning 'Ruby's Studio' children's series, offers young kids a much-needed exploration of importa...

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly and more stories that sing.

Animated versions of five children's books, told with music.

Once upon a potty for her

Explains simply why and how a little girl uses a potty, set to music. Includes advice to parents and the latest in professional advice.

Puberty for girls, Help! My body's changing

Girls are taught all about the changes that happen to their bodies as they transition from child to adult. What is puberty? What are the physical changes associated with puberty? What is menstruation? What are the socia...

Arthur. Hooray for health!

In this collection of health-related episodes, Arthur catches chicken pox, frets about losing his baby teeth, and has bad dreams caused by eating too many sweets. D.W. has a tantrum over spinach, and their dog Pal has to...

Dealing with feelings

Explores how the way you feel about yourself, your friends, your family and your school affects your whole life. Students gain practical tips for communicating care and respect in relationships with friends and family as...

Reality matters. Family & friends

Some of the most important relationships that we develop are with friends and family. Our attitudes toward intimacy and sexuality owe a lot to what we see when growing up. This program explores the different facets of th...

Potty power pirates & princess

Live action and 3-D animated characters guide viewers step by step through potty use and proper hygiene. Original, upbeat music videos and entertaining stories reinforce the lessons learned in the program.

Reality matters. High anxiety pressure cooker

Examines the problem of teen stress and anxiety. Teens discuss the things that create stress and anxiety in their lives, such as peer pressure, academic stress, and fear of terrorism. Explores ways in which teens respond...

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