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30 Results
Hydrogen : running on water —Walker, Niki, 1972-

Describes hydrogen as an energy carrier, and provides a list of important milestones in the development of the hydrogen technology.

Hydrogen —Saucerman, Linda.

Explains the characteristics of hydrogen, where it is found, how it is used by humans, and its relationship to other elements found in the periodic table.

Hydrogen —Farndon, John.

Explores the history of the chemical element hydrogen and explains its chemistry, how it reacts, its uses, and its importance in our lives.

Hydrogen fuel —Solway, Andrew.

Explores what hydrogen fuel as an energy source is, how it is used, and how it may be used in the future.

The magic of hydrogen peroxide —Thacker, Emily, author.

"Smart consumers nationwide are also discovering there are hundreds of health cures and home remedy uses for hydrogen peroxide. A new book called The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide is now available that tells you exactly how...

Secrets of the dead. World's biggest bomb

Beginning in the '50s, American and Soviet scientists engaged in a dangerous race to see who could build and detonate the world's largest bomb. The results exceeded all expectations about how big a bomb could be built. F...

Hydrogen —Dickmann, Nancy, author.

Discusses hydrogen and its properties and uses.

The green trap —Bova, Ben, 1932-2020

Investigating the murder of his microbiologist brother, Paul Cochrane follows the trail from California to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to investigate his brother's work on a process that could produce a limitless supply of...

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Summary: Illustrates place of hydrogen in the universe; experiments to demonstrate the preparation of hydrogen, test for hydrogen, hydrogen plus oxygen; and the uses of hydrogen.

The pH miracle for diabetes [the revolutionary diet plan for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics] —Young, Robert O.
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The pH Miracle for Diabetes offers an easy-to-follow program that can help people take control of their type one or type two diabetes. Showing how to maintain the proper alkaline environment the body needs, this all-natu...

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