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56 Results
Twitchy witchy Itch —Tey, Priscilla, author, illustrator.

"Tick, tock! Three cups. Tick, tock! Three saucers. With nine minutes left, everything was ready. Or was it? Itch the witch is having company over for tea. As the clock counts down to tea o'clock, Itch's mind is in a tiz...

The Berenstain Bears brother bear favorites —Berenstain, Jan, 1923-2012, author, illustrator.

"Travel to Bear Country with three classic Berenstain Bears stories in one book! Brother Bear stars in these inspiring tales about forgiveness, getting involved in the community, and the joy of working together"--Page [4...

Poppleton in spring —Rylant, Cynthia.

Poppleton the pig celebrates spring by doing some spring "cleaning," attempting to buy a bicycle, and spending some time in a tent.

The Berenstain Bears and a job well done —Berenstain, Jan, 1923-

Mama and Papa Bear tell their children what the Bible says about hard work as the family does spring cleaning projects.

Llama unleashes the alpacalypse —Stutzman, Jonathan, author.

Llama clones his friend Alpaca in order to avoid cleaning up after himself, but while Llama is eating the day away the Alpacas he set loose are causing pandemonium.

Five little monkeys with nothing to do —Christelow, Eileen.

Five little monkeys are bored, but their mother has them clean up the house for Aunt Bessie's visit.

Maisy cleans up —Cousins, Lucy.

Maisy the mouse and her friend Charley clean her house together and then treat themselves to cupcakes.

The Berenstain bears get the job done —Berenstain, Jan, 1923-2012.

Brother, Sister, and Honey are asked to clean out their playhouse, but they quickly abandon their chores and play baseball.

Clifford's spring clean-up —Bridwell, Norman.

Clifford and his friends celebrate Earth Day by spring cleaning their homes and planting a garden in the vacant lot on the corner.

Little Red Hen gets help —Spengler, Kenneth.

When Little Red Hen makes tacos, Cat, Fox and Pig want to eat, but they do not want to help clean up.

Pip Squeak —Weeks, Sarah.

Pip Squeak the mouse works hard to clean the house for his friend Max's visit, but then he has to clean up after Max too.

Heidi Heckelbeck is so totally grounded —Coven, Wanda, author.

Having decided housecleaning is too much for her to handle, Heidi Heckelbeck pulls out her Book of Spells and conjures up a helper, with disastrous results.

Five little monkeys with nothing to do —Christelow, Eileen.

Five little monkeys are bored, but their mother has them clean up the house for Aunt Bessie's visit.

Big Brave Brian —Robertson, M. P.

Big Brave Brian is the bravest man in the world. His house is filled with slimy bog monsters, gawping giants and things that go bump in the night. But there is something that Brian is terrified of--and it's in his bedroo...

The dirt diary —Staniszewski, Anna.

After her parents' divorce, eighth-grader Rachel Lee joins her mother's new housecleaning business, which has her scrubbing bathrooms in her more popular classmates' homes and learning useful secrets.

Boo and Baa have company —Landström, Lena.

Boo and Baa do everything they can to get a cat out of a tree.

Poof! —O'Brien, John, 1953-

Two lazy wizards resort to all sorts of tricks in order to get out of doing simple chores around the house.

Man's work! —Kubler, Annie, 1960-

In this simple book without words, Dad and his little boy work on chores around the house, including dusting, scrubbing the floor, and cleaning the bathtub.

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