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Kentucky rich —Michaels, Fern.

Josh Coleman left unfinished business when he took to his deathbed, but now that unfinished business cannot be ignored--because his long-lost daughter has come back.

Pride and passion —Roberts, Nora, author.

Search for Love : After the loss of her parents, Serenity Smith receives an unexpected letter from a relative she's never met. When she travels all the way from Washington, D.C. to the family's estate in the Brittany reg...

Under orders —Francis, Dick.

As Sid Halley, champion jockey turned sleuth, investigates separate deaths at the racetrack his new girlfriend Marina is threatened with bodily harm.

For kicks —Francis, Dick, author.

'For Kicks ' is a spy story. Faced with a threat to the whole sport of steeplechasing, the stewards decide that only an undercover operation can succeed in revealing the mystery. Daniel Roke, taking on the job light-hear...

Left for dead —Jackson, Lisa, author.

Tears of pride: Sheila Lindstrom is reeling from the aftermath of the devastating tragedy that claimed the life of her father and all but destroyed the family’s winery. Without the insurance proceeds needed to reb...

Triple crown —Francis, Felix, author.

Asked by the U.S. FACSA to find a mole who has been passing on information to those under suspicion in American horse racing, British Horseracing Authority investigator Jeff Hinkley participates in a raid on a corrupt tr...

Kentucky sunrise —Michaels, Fern.
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Demanding horse trainer Nealy Clay Littletree risks permanent damage to her relationship with her daughter, Emmie, when she doubts Emmie's ability to run the family business competently, unaware of the more important per...

Legacy —Krentz, Jayne Ann.
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As a member of the thoroughbred horse-racing set in California, Conn was well-respected. But Honor was about to discover the real man beneath the controlled exterior. Too late she realized she was falling for someone who...

To win her favor —Alexander, Tamera.

A gifted rider in a world where ladies never race, Maggie Linden is determined that her horse will become a champion. But the one man who could help her has vowed to stay away from thoroughbred racing forever. An Irishma...

Back hander —Francome, John.

When a fellow jockey is killed in a fall, Alan Morrell knows it should have been him, for he would have ridden the horse that day if he'd been able to make the weight. It's soon clear that something sinister has happened...

True betrayals —Roberts, Nora.
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Kelsey Byden, 26, is in the throes of divorcing her unfaithful husband when she suffers a second shock. It is a letter from her mother, whom she has long presumed dead. Her father, it turns out, has been lying to her-at ...

Dead heat —Francis, Dick.

Once more, death comes to the races. The reputation of Max Moreton, a rising culinary star, suffers a setback when his guests at a private function fall victim to food poisoning. The next day, at a major racing event, a ...

Crossfire —Francis, Dick.
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Shell-shocked and missing a foot-lost to an IED during his tour of duty in Afghanistan-Captain Tom Forsyth has been sent "home" by the army and, at loose ends, returns to his estranged mother's house for the first time s...

High stakes —Francis, Dick.

When your horse has just sprinted past the winning post, racing seems a very cozy and civilized hobby. But the pleasure of the day at Sandown is spoiled for Steven Scott when he sacks the trainer of his horses, a man he...

Flamingo Road —Hill, Sasscer, author.

"Baltimore police officer Fia McKee is put on leave for excessive use of force after interfering in a crime that turns deadly. Given a second chance, she is sent to work undercover for the Thoroughbred Racing Protective ...

Crisis —Francis, Felix, author.
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"Harrison Foster, crisis manager for a London firm, is summoned to Newmarket after a fire in the Chadwick Stables kills six very valuable horses. When human remains are found among the equestrian ones, all the stable sta...

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