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Daniel's story —Matas, Carol, 1949-

Daniel, whose family suffers as the Nazis rise to power in Germany, describes his imprisonment in a concentration camp and his eventual liberation.

Milkweed : a novel —Spinelli, Jerry.

He's a boy called Jew who grows up on the streets of Warsaw, stealing food for himself and other orphans, and he wants to be a Nazi someday, until the trains come to empty the Jews.

The brushmaker's daughter —Kacer, Kathy, 1954- author.

"Set in Berlin, Germany in 1939, a Jewish girl and her blind father try to avoid arrest by the Nazis with the help of a real-life upstander, German businessman Otto Weidt. Inspired by the real-life hero Otto Weidt--a Ger...

Orphan monster spy —Killeen, Matt, author.

"Germany, 1939. After her mother is shot at a checkpoint, fifteen-year-old Sarah, finds herself on the run from a government that wants to see her, along with every other Jew, dead. Then she meets a mysterious man who ne...

Star of fear, star of hope —Hoestlandt, Jo.

Nine-year-old Helen is confused by the disappearance of her Jewish friend during the German occupation of Paris.

After the war —Matas, Carol, 1949-

After being released from Buchenwald at the end of World War II, fifteen-year-old Ruth risks her life to lead a group of children across Europe to Palestine.

A boy is not a ghost —Ravel, Edeet, author.

Torn from his home in Eastern Europe, with his father imprisoned in a Siberian gulag, twelve-year-old Natt finds himself stranded with other deportees in a schoolyard in Novosibirsk. And he is about to discover that life...

A family secret —Heuvel, Eric, 1960-
Graphic Novel
Availability: 9 of 9

While searching his Dutch grandmother's attic for yard sale items, Jeroen finds a scrapbook which leads Gran to tell of her experiences as a girl living in Amsterdam during the Holocaust, when her father was a Nazi sympa...

We'll soon be home again —Bab Bonde, Jessica, author.
Graphic Novel
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Based on interviews with six Holocaust survivors, these first-person point of view stories relate living through the de-humanization and starvation in concentration camps and the industrial-scale mass murder in extermina...

Mapping the bones —Yolen, Jane, author.

It's 1942 in Poland, and the world is coming to pieces. At least that's how it seems to Chaim and Gittel, twins whose lives feel like a fairy tale torn apart, with evil witches, forbidden forests, and dangerous ovens loo...

The island on Bird Street —Orlev, Uri, 1931-

During World War II a Jewish boy is left on his own for months in a ruined house in the Warsaw Ghetto, where he must learn all the tricks of survival under constantly life-threatening conditions.

Escaping into the night —Friedman, D. Dina.

Thirteen-year-old Halina Rudowski narrowly escapes the Polish ghetto and flees to the forest, where she is taken in by an encampment of Jews trying to survive World War II.

Milkweed : a novel —Spinelli, Jerry.

The story of a young Jewish orphan in Nazi-occupied Warsaw.

The enemy above —Spradlin, Michael P., author.

In 1942 twelve-year-old Anton, his family, and their small community of Ukrainian Jews are hiding from the advancing Nazis troops, and from the Gestapo, in a web of underground caves, and one officer in particular, Major...

Torn thread —Isaacs, Anne.

In an attempt to save his daughter's life, Eva's father sends her from Poland to a labor camp in Czechoslovakia where she and her sister survive the war.

The harmonica —Johnston, Tony, 1942-

Separated from his parents in Poland during World War II, a young Jewish boy enslaved in a concentration camp, keeps hope alive while playing Schubert on his harmonica whenever the camp's commandant orders him to play.

Kanada —Wiseman, Eva, 1947-

Jutka, a young Hungarian girl, is sent to Auschwitz during WWII and then to a refugee camp after the war is over. All the while, Jutka dreams of having a life in Canada.

Broken strings —Walters, Eric, 1957- author.

It's 2002. In the aftermath of the twin towers-- and the death of her beloved grandmother-- Shirli Berman is intent on moving forward. The best singer in her junior high, she auditions for the lead role in Fiddler on the...

Call across the sea —Kacer, Kathy, 1954- author.

Henny has grown up with her father's boat, the Gerda III, as a home away from home. She loves sailing the waters between Denmark and Sweden, carried along by the salt breeze. But when Nazi rule tightens in Copenhagen, He...

The feather-bed journey —Feder, Paula Kurzband.

As she tries to repair a torn feather pillow, Grandma tells about her childhood in Poland, about the Nazi persecution of Jews during World War II, and about the origin of this special pillow.

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