19 Results
19 Results
The farm team —Bailey, Linda, 1948-

Having lost every big hockey game for the last fifty years, the Farm Team battles the Bush League Bandits for the Stolski Cup.

The moccasin goalie —Brownridge, William Roy, 1932-

"In this story, a young boy is disappointed that he doesn't make the town hockey team. But when the regular goalie is injured, Danny has a chance to prove himself a winner" Cf. Our choice, 1996-1997.

The night they stole the Stanley Cup —MacGregor, Roy, 1948-

The Screech Owls minor hockey team has come to Toronto for the biggest hockey tournament of their lives. While touring the Hockey Hall of Fame, Travis overhears two men plotting to steal the Stanley Cup and hold it for r...

On the hockey highway —McFarlane, Brian.

For Max and Marty and their Indian River teammates it's not a question of winning. It's whether or not they can survive.

Field trip —Paulsen, Gary.

Ben and his twin classmates, Charlotte and Jacob, are missing a school field trip so Ben's father takes them, his new apprentice Brig, and the dogs on an adventure during which Ben manages to try out for a hockey academy...

The F team —Carter, Anne, 1953-

With figure skates on their feet and determination in their hearts, Fanny and her friends set out to practice hockey until they shine.

The hockey book —McFarlane, Brian.

Marty discovers that his older brother Max has secretly been writing a hockey story.

Danger in Dinosaur Valley —MacGregor, Roy, 1948-

The Screech Owls have come to Drumheller, Alberta in hopes of winning the Pee-Wee Dinosaur tournament. The exact same week a Chinook strikes the spot of dinosaur remains, discovered more than a century ago. During their ...

Breakaway —Mack, W. C., 1972-

Hockey camp teaches Nugget and his friends some important lessons about good sportsmanship. Nugget McDonald has been looking forward to his first Christmas Break Hockey Camp for months. And now that school''s finally ou...

Roughing —Schultz Nicholson, Lorna.

At an elite summer hockey camp Josh is rooming with an aboriginal player from the Northwest Territories. Josh is having trouble controlling his diabetes and faces a dilemma when he finds out his friends are going to play...

Misconduct —Scudamore, Beverly, 1956-

After an incident at hockey camp Matt finds himself being bullied by a tough kid.

Morgy coast to coast —Lewis, Maggie.

After moving to Massachusetts and starting fourth grade, Morgy continues to experience a lot of changes in his life, including learning to play hockey and the trumpet, and adopting a greyhound named Dante.

Body check —Hirschfeld, Robert, 1942-

Twelve-year-old Brent Mullen discovers that the new assistant hockey coach is teaching the defensemen on his team illegal moves to help them win at any cost.

Getting in the game —FitzGerald, Dawn.

When everyone tries to get thirteen-year-old Joanna off the boys ice hockey team, including Ben, her best friend since kindergarten, Jo resolves to deal with the problems caused by her participation.

Alex and the team jersey —Tibo, Gilles.

Alex, who loves to play hockey, finds it difficult to wait for his family to buy him real hockey equipment, so he creates his own, personalized, hockey sweater.

Alex and Toolie —Tibo, Gilles.

Even after his dog Toolie, the goalie, is mildly injured playing hockey, Alex and his friends return to the game.