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36 Results
Peril at the world's biggest hockey tournament —MacGregor, Roy, 1948-

The Screech Owls are excited to be playing in the Bell Capital Cup in Ottawa especially when they learn that political leaders from around the world will be attending the final game. But a terrorist calling himself 1/1 h...

Brady Brady and the super skater —Shaw, Mary, 1965-

When the newest member of the Icehogs encounters some bad luck, Brady helps his teammate realize that she will have to wear her glass to improve her game and reassures her that her teammates won't tease her.

Brady Brady and the MVP —Shaw, Mary, 1965-

Brady Brady's friend Kev learns that it's not only the goal scorers who are valuable members of a team.

The farm team —Bailey, Linda, 1948-

Having lost every big hockey game for the last fifty years, the Farm Team battles the Bush League Bandits for the Stolski Cup.

Brady Brady and the great rink —Shaw, Mary, 1965-

"Brady is determined to have his own backyard rink. When the power goes out at the local arena, Brady comes to the rescue. The first book in a dynamic new series" Cf. Our choice, 2002.

The final game —Brownridge, William Roy, 1932-

"Danny, Petou and Anita join the town hockey team late in the season. However, when the Wolves stop playing as a team, Danny and his friends face the biggest challenge ever" Cf. Our choice, 1998-1999.

The wicked slapshot —Punt, Irene, 1955-

Tom makes a new friend, Harty, when he's at Champs Hockey Camp. When Harty has trouble with his shots, Tom offers some advice. Will it help?

How to outplay a bully —Richards, Nancy Wilcox, 1958-

There's a bully who goes after him on and off the ice. Will Tony figure out how to handle him before the season is over?

Too many men —Schultz Nicholson, Lorna.

Sam has just moved with his family to Ottawa. Although he's been made goalie, Sam feels insecure about his place on the team and at school.

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