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I survived the California wildfires, 2018 —Tarshis, Lauren, author.

Traces the story of a boy who moves across the country to rural northern California, where his efforts to adjust are challenged by a fast-moving firestorm that places family homes and lives at risk.

Keeley : Keeley's big story —Ellis, Deborah, 1960-

In 1902 in the coal-mining town Frank, Alberta, Keeley decides to investigate a series of missing objects and the strange behaviour of her teacher in hopes of publishing the story in the newspaper. Meanwhile, some adults...

Betsy's river adventure : the journey westward —Jones, Veda Boyd.

Betsy Miller's family is moving from Boston to Cincinnati, and that means a long river journey, 19th century style.

Really truly Ruthie —Tripp, Valerie, 1951-

"Goofy Ruthie" gets serious when her friend's family needs her help to prevent being evicted in 1932 as a result of the Great Depression.

Lara and the silent place —Duey, Kathleen.

Almost a year has passed since Lara and her beloved filly were captured and taken from their Connemara home. The duo endured many long months of lying, hiding, and struggling to survive. At last, Lara has finally managed...

The guns of Tortuga —Strickland, Brad.

Fifteen-year-old Davy must pass as a servant boy on the island of Tortuga to help the Captain rescue British officers being held ransom there.

Nate Donovan : Revolutionary spy —Marshall, Peter, 1940-

In 1777, during the War for Independence, Nate Donovan, the younger brother in an Irish Quaker family in British-occupied Philadelphia, is too young to join the Continental Army. When the war intensifies, he becomes the ...

Forget me not —Dower, Laura.

Madison's mom begins producing a docudrama at her school which creates awkward situations and relationships for Madison and her friends.

The best bad luck I ever had —Levine, Kristin (Kristin Sims), 1974-

In Moundville, Alabama, in 1917, twelve-year-old Dit hopes the new postmaster will have a son his age, but instead he meets Emma, who is black, and their friendship challenges accepted ways of thinking and leads them to ...

Hope springs eternal —Gregory, Kristiana.

When spring arrives, Albert, Nessa's old friend from the orphanage, joins her in Kansas, but she discovers that their relationship has changed.

Clear skies —Kerrin, Jessica Scott, author.

It is the summer of 1961, and eleven-year-old Arno Creelman wants nothing more than to be an astronomer. Fortunately, his struggle with claustrophobia has little impact on his one true passion. Unlike his annoying friend...

The penalty —Peet, Mal.

Paul Faustino, known as the best soccer journalist in the business, reluctantly investigates the disappearance of eighteen-year-old Ricardo, a soccer prodigy known as "El Brujito", while in alternate chapters a slave in ...

Five smooth stones —Gregory, Kristiana.

In her diary, a young girl writes about her life and the events surrounding the beginning of the American Revolution in Philadelphia in 1776.

Do you have a cat? —Spinelli, Eileen.

Simple, rhyming text introduces historical figures through the cats each owned. Includes facts about each person.

Maggie's dare : the Great Awakening —Lutz, Norma Jean.

In colonial Boston, a twelve-year-old girl finds her heart stirred by the great revival known as the Great Awakening and determines she must dare to help a mistreated slave girl.

I survived the sinking of the Titanic, 1912 —Tarshis, Lauren.
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Excited to board the Titanic with his aunt and little sister, ten-year-old George begins to explore the ill-fated ship's first-class storage cabin when the ship is rocked by a collision with an iceberg and begins to sink...

On this beautiful island —Fontánez, Edwin.

Provides information on the island country of Puerto Rico, in simple text with illustrations, and takes the reader back five hundred years, when native people called Taino lived there, and includes information on their h...

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