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Love from Alfie McPoonst, the best dog ever —McNiff, Dawn, author.

Dear Izzy, I'm a Sky Dog now. I live in Dog Heaven, because I died... When Alfie the dog dies, he sends his owner Izzy letters in the post from his new address: The Nicest Cloud, Dog Heaven, The Sky. He wants her to know...

The heaven of animals —Tillman, Nancy.

With all of my heart, I believe it is true that there is a heaven for animals, too. The heaven of animals is a magical place. Angels know every dog{u2019}s favorite game; cats bask in their own rays of sunshine; horses t...

Cat heaven —Rylant, Cynthia.

God created Cat Heaven, with fields of sweet grass where cats can play, kitty-toys for them to enjoy, and angels to rub their noses and ears.

The wish list —Colfer, Eoin.

Orphan Meg Finn's soul becomes the object of a battle between the demonic and the divine after she is killed in an accidental explosion while attempting to rob an elderly man and arrives in the afterlife to find the tall...

God gave us heaven —Bergren, Lisa Tawn.

Little Cub's father explains to her that God created heaven, the most wonderful place, because He loves us and never wants to be far from us.

Heaven is having you —Andreae, Giles, 1966-

Grandma Bear believes that heaven is always around, especially when Little Bear is there.

The Berenstain bears learn about heaven —Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author, illustrator.

""What is heaven?" wonders Sister Bear. Follow along in The Berenstain Bears Learn About Heaven, as Sister searches for an answer to this very good and sometimes complicated question"-- Provided by publisher.

What's heaven? —Shriver, Maria.

After her great-grandmother's death, a young girl learns about heaven by asking her mother all kinds of questions.

Lost little angel —Ragz, M. M.

A young angel who gets lost in heaven reminds Saint Sebastian, Saint Bridget, and the other saints of the joy that heaven is all about.

Heaven —Allan, Nicholas.

Lily's beloved dog Dill is off to heaven, and as they wait for the angels, Lily and Dill argue about what heaven is like, remember their lives together, and say good-bye.

What is heaven like? —Lewis, Beverly, 1949-

Wondering about heaven after the death of his grandfather, a boy questions his sister, a teacher, his parents, and other people, whose diverse answers help him begin to understand life after death and how to ensure that ...

The littlest tree —Tazewell, Charles.

Solomon and everyone else in the Celestial City are surprised when a paltry sprig which has been lovingly decorated by a group of orphans in a war-torn city is chosen to be the Son's Birthday Tree.

Jellybeans —Ommen, Sylvia Van.

Two friends, a rabbit and a cat, speculate about what heaven will be like as they enjoy a visit to the park.

How God decorates heaven for Christmas —Mehl, Ron.

As they remember the first Christmas, some children wonder how God and the angels in heaven celebrate Christmas today.

动物天堂 Dong wu tian tang —Tillman, Nancy, author, illustrator.

Offers a comforting story for readers of all ages grieving the loss of a pet that depicts an idyllic heaven for animals.

Just like heaven —McDonnell, Patrick, 1956-

Having awakened from a nap to find himself surrounded by fog, Mooch the cat decides he must be in Heaven, especially when he sees that all of his loved ones are there.

Heaven is having you —Andreae, Giles, 1966-

Grandma Bear believes that heaven is always around, especially when Little Bear is there.

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