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Bury the lead —Mayor, Archer.
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When the body of a young woman is found near a trail at a popular ski mountain, the case falls to Joe Gunther and his team at the Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI). They quickly have a suspect, Mick Durocher, and a c...

Bomber's moon —Mayor, Archer, author.

PREVIOUS BOOK IN SERIES: BURY THE LEAD, ISBN 9781250113283. The murder of a small-time drug dealer snowballs into the most complex case ever faced by Joe Gunther and his VBI team in the 30th entry of the 'Joe Gunter' ser...

Three can keep a secret a Joe Gunther novel —Mayor, Archer.
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Joe Gunther and his team -- the Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI) -- are usually called in on major cases by local Vermont enforcement whenever they need expertise and back-up. But after the state is devastated by Hu...

The company she kept : a Joe Gunther novel —Mayor, Archer.

"During the height of a particularly brutal Vermont winter, one morning a woman's body is found hanging high above the interstate. The woman, found with the word "dyke" carved on her chest is quickly determined to be the...

The orphan's guilt —Mayor, Archer, author.

"In Archer Mayor's intriguing new Vermont-based mystery, The Orphan's Guilt, a straightforward traffic stop snowballs into a homicide investigation after Joe Gunther and his fellow investigators peel back layer upon laye...

Proof positive a Joe Gunther novel —Mayor, Archer, author.
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Dave Hillstrom was a troubled man. Coming back from Vietnam with PTSD and scars that no one else could see, he hid away from the world, filling his house with an ever-increasing amount of stuff, until finally the piles c...

Trace —Mayor, Archer, author.
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The Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI) has been pulled onto three cases at the same time; meanwhile, VBI head Joe Gunther has to take time off to care for his ailing mother. Those cases are now in the hands of the i...

Chat —Mayor, Archer.

When a wintertime car accident leaves his mother and brother seriously injured, Joe Gunther takes a leave of absence to attend to them and investigate the cause of the crash.

The catch —Mayor, Archer.

Gunther and his team investigate the murder of a cop who was gunned down during a routine traffic stop, and the investigation leads them into a struggle with a drug running operation.

Presumption of guilt —Mayor, Archer, author.

"A forty-year-old skeleton is found encased in a concrete slab at a recently decommissioned nuclear energy site. It becomes a case for the Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI) and its leader, Joe Gunther, since they hav...

The price of malice : a Joe Gunther novel —Mayor, Archer.

Joe Gunther puts a murder investigation on hold to help his girlfriend Lyn solve her father's mysterious death in Maine. Discovering that Lyn's father and brother weren't the good guys that Lyn always believed them to be...

Borderlines —Mayor, Archer, author

Taking some much-needed rest at the Vermont vacation spot of his boyhood, lieutenant Joe Gunther finds the little town at war when an expanding back-to-nature cult turns violent and Joe learns that some of his oldest fri...

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