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4 Results
The Iron Lady

A surprising and intimate portrait of Margaret Thatcher, the first and only female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. One of the 20th century's most famous and influential women, Thatcher came from nowhere to smash th...

House of cards

Ian Richardson leads an all-star cast in this malevolent satire of greed, corruption and ambition in the highest realms of government. As Machiavellian monster Francis Urquhart, he schemes and backstabs his way to the t...

The House of cards trilogy

The stinging, sharp-edged story of Francis Urquhart, a petty politician, who schemes and backstabs his way to the top of his party.

To play the King

Urquhart is back! Ian Richardson returns as villainous statesman Francis Urquhart in this acclaimed sequel to the "House of Cards". The sardonic statesman's Machiavellian schemes have brought him to the pinnacle of gov...