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19 Results
You wouldn't want to explore with Sir Francis Drake! : a pirate you'd rather not know —Stewart, David, 1954-

An addition to a humorous series looks at the darker side of exploring the world with Sir Francis Drake--a dangerous voyage that would last for three long years.

Sir Francis Drake : circumnavigator of the globe and privateer for Queen Elizabeth —Paige, Joy.

A biography of British pirate and explorer Sir Francis Drake, featuring his search for riches in the Americas and his eventual voyage around the world.

All the Queen's Men —Brimacombe, Peter.

Elizabeth I was the last English monarch truly to rule the nation; she inherited a weak and divided kingdom yet relentlessly fashioned it into a major world power, and decisively defeated the mightiest invasion fleet eve...

Walsingham Elizabethan Spymaster and Statesman —Haynes, Alan.

For the greater part of her reign, Elizabeth I had three very gifted, and very different men to support her. One of these was the haunted intellectual, Sir Francis Walsingham. During the brief reign of the Queen Mary, Wa...

Sir Francis Drake —Corbett, Julian Stafford, 1854-1922.

This excellent biography of English sea captain Sir Francis Drake (1540 1596), part of the English Men of Action series, is a reservoir of information for students of history and those with a passion for exploration. Amo...

Patriot or traitor : the life and death of Sir Walter Ralegh —Beer, Anna R., 1964- author.

"Sir Walter Ralegh's life is romantic, irresistible and of central importance to our island story. His death is a convoluted and contested tale of bargaining, failure and betrayal. Through the Elizabethan golden age and ...

Sir Walter Raleigh : explorer for the court of Queen Elizabeth —Olson, Steven P.

A biography of Sir Walter Raleigh which examines his early life, his relationship with Queen Elizabeth, his desire to explore the New World, his defeat of the Spanish Armada, his quest for El Dorado, his life as a writer...

Bacon —Church, R. W. (Richard William), 1815-1890.

This biography of philosopher, scientist, and writer Sir Francis Bacon (1561 1626), part of the English Men of Letters series, is an invaluable resource for students of history. Bacon, a highly influential figure in his ...

Sir Francis Drake —Kline, Trish.

A biography of the English seaman and explorer who became the first man from England to sail around the world.

Elizabethan Assassin Theodore Paleologus : Seducer, Spy and Killer —Hall, John, 1940 December 11- author.

The first biography of a mercurial character from the Elizabethan underworld – a seducer, spy and assassin Claiming to be heir to the emperors of Byzantium, an exotic but elusive figure named Theodore Paleologus surfaced...

Elizabeth's rival : the tumultuous life of the Countess of Leicester : the romance and conspiracy that threatened Queen Elizabeth's court —Tallis, Nicola, author.

In 1578, Lettice Knollys angered Queen Elizabeth I by marrying her favourite, Robert Dudley. Though she would not marry him herself, since the death of Leicester's wife in 1560 Elizabeth was fiercely jealous of any woman...

A sea-dog of Devon a life of Sir John Hawkins —Walling, R. A. J. (Robert Alfred John), 1869-1949.

A substantive introduction to the life and times of the legendary Sir John Hawkins, who was among the greatest and most resolute of those famous seamen of Devon men who made the earliest expeditions to the unknown shores...

Elizabeth's rival : the tumultuous tale of Lettice Knollys, Countess of Leicester —Tallis, Nicola, author.

"The remarkable story of Lettice Knollys, who angered Queen Elizabeth I by marrying her favourite, Robert Dudley, and whose son rebelled against the Queen. At 7 o'clock in the morning on 21 September 1578, a wedding cere...

The life and times of Sir Philip Sidney —Davis, S. M. Henry.

The dashing poet, soldier, romantic, and courtier, Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586) was one of the Elizabethan Age's most colorful figures, immortalized in verse as the epitome of English manhood. This 1858 biography was wr...