8 Results
8 Results
The Kingfisher young people's book of planet earth —Redfern, Martin, 1954-

Examines the geology, atmosphere, and weather of the planet Earth and how they affect its life forms.

How the earth works : [100 ways parents and kids can share the secrets of the earth] —Farndon, John.

Experiments and projects explore the earth's structure, features, and changing landscape.

Planet earth —Murray, Peter, 1952 September 29-

Describes the earth's physical characteristics, discussing interactions of climate, geology, and ecology.

Planet earth —Costa de Beauregard, Diane.

Describes the earth's seasons, climate, weather, oceans, volcanoes, and other features, and explains how the solar system affects them.

Heat —Fandel, Jennifer.

Describes how the sun heats the earth, how buildings and pollution can increase earth's temperature, and how important the right amount of heat is to keep the earth and its inhabitants functioning properly.

Rocks, rivers, and the changing earth a first book about geology —Schneider, Herman, 1905-2003.

Your bones and your teeth originated at the bottom of the sea, and the color of your blood came from deep underground. The water you drink, the clothes you wear, and the house you live in are all part of the Earth's hist...

Planet Earth —Kerrod, Robin.

Introduces the planet Earth, including its orbit, geology, oceans, atmosphere, weather, and inhabitants.