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222 Results
The Bruce swap —Higgins, Ryan T., author, illustrator.

Bruce the bear's family wishes he were less grumpy, but when his cousin Kevin arrives for a visit, he brings more fun than they ever wanted.

Duck, Duck, Moose —Sullivan, Mary, 1958- author, illustrator.

Duck, Duck, and Moose are playing a quiet game of cards when their friend comes running to ask: Where is Goose? Duck, Duck, and Moose search high and low and get directions from some barnyard friends, but Goose is nowher...

Duck & Goose, honk! quack! boo! —Hills, Tad, author, illustrator.

Duck and Goose, dressed for Halloween as a ghost and a superhero, respectively, go trick-or-treating in the forest, but they are careful to follow Thistle's warning to look out for a scary swamp monster.

Mother Bruce —Higgins, Ryan T., author, illustrator.

Bruce is a grumpy bear who likes no one and nothing but cooked eggs, but when some eggs he was planning to boil hatch and the goslings believe he is their mother, he must try to make the best of the situation.

Liz's pie in the sky —Barkley, Callie, author.

Liz and her friends are spending a fall weekend at the cabin at Marigold Lake, planning to bake pies and enjoy nature, but Lizzie forgets to put sugar in her berry pie--a mistake which proves fortuitous when she needs a ...

Ballet Bruce —Higgins, Ryan T., author, illustrator.

"The geese want to do ballet today, but they need Bruce's help"--Publisher.

Moose, Goose, and Mouse —Gerstein, Mordicai, author, illustrator.

"Moose, Goose, and Mouse ride a loose caboose on their way to finding a new house"-- Provided by publisher.

Embarrassed by my squawk —Culliford, Amy, 1992- author.

"Everyone loves to hear Phoenix sing, but Goose just lets out a big squawk. This makes Goose turn red. Phoenix lets him in on a little secret--everyone feels embarrassed sometimes! Goose realizes that having a friend mea...

Ollie's hug —Dunrea, Olivier, author, illustrator.

When Ollie is in a grumpy mood and nothing feels right, a hug from a friend does the trick! The perfect board book for little kids with big feelings.

Peek-a-Bruce —Higgins, Ryan T.

Bruce the bear does not want to play with the geese today, but leads them in a merry game of hide-and-seek as he tries to be alone.

Gideon & Otto —Dunrea, Olivier.

Otto the toy octopus goes everywhere with Gideon, a small gosling, but while Gideon is playing with some rabbits Otto falls off the wall on which he was left and makes a new acquaintance.

Little goose's autumn —Woollard, Elli, author.

"As summer fades to autumn, little goose feels a change in the air and senses there is something she must do. But what can it be? A beautiful and uplifting seasonal story about finding your place in the world."--Back cov...

Gregory Goose is on the loose! Up the mountain —Robinson, Hilary, 1962- author.

Gregory Goose in on an adventure up the mountain. But he is playing hide-and-seek. Can you help find him?

Mo Willems presents That is not a good idea! —Willems, Mo, author, narrator.
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A surprising lesson about the importance of listening to one's inner gosling ensues when a very hungry fox issues a dinner invitation to a very plump goose.

Ollie the stomper —Dunrea, Olivier.

Three goslings named Gertie, Gossie, and Ollie have fun stomping around in their bright rubber boots.

Pig & Goose and the first day of spring —Bond, Rebecca, 1972- author, illustrator.

On the first day of spring Pig sets out to have a picnic by the pond, meets Goose, and so discovers a new friend.

Happy to be your friend —Culliford, Amy, 1992- author.

"Whenever Goose is feeling down, his best friend Phoenix finds ways to cheer him up! Goose is happy to have a friend like Phoenix. Phoenix is also happy that he could help his friend."-- Publisher's website.

Lonely without a flock —Culliford, Amy, 1992- author.

"Goose sees how popular Phoenix is--always surrounded by other birds. Phoenix sees Goose with his flock, and wishes he had a family like them. They soon realize they don't have to be lonely if they have a friend in each ...

Gossie & Gertie —Dunrea, Olivier, author, illustrator.

Gossie and Gertie are best friends and everywhere Gossie goes, Gertie goes too--except when she doesn't, and sometimes that's even better.

Gossie —Dunrea, Olivier, author, illustrator.

Gossie is a gosling who likes to wear bright red boots every day, no matter what she is doing, and so she is heartbroken the day the boots go missing and she can't find them anywhere.

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