16 Results
16 Results
How to handle bullying and gangs —Head, Honor.

This title explores the difficult topic of bullying and gangs- issues often encountered by kids, but ones they don't alwys know how to handle. Written in a conversational tone, the book explores causes and effects of thi...

Gangs and self-esteem —Williams, Stanley.

A co-founder of the Crips extolls the benefits of not joining a gang.

Gangs and violence —Gedatus, Gustav Mark.

Describes what gangs are, how they develop, how they create problems with their violent actions, and how to deal with them.

Gangs and wanting to belong —Williams, Stanley.

A founder of the Crips discusses gangs, debunking the notion that belonging to a gang is the only way a kid can "fit in."

Gangs and your friends —Williams, Stanley.

A founder of the Crips introduces kids to the way gangs operate focusing particularly on the powerful influence of "bad" friends.

Bullies and gangs —Johnson, Julie.

Four young people discuss how they feel about bullies and gangs, as well as, giving tips for dealing with bullies and gangs.

Gangs and weapons —Williams, Stanley.

Discusses the violence that can occur when gangs have guns.