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On thin ice —Northrop, Michael, author.

The way twelve-year-old Ked Eakins of Norton, Maine, sees it his life has been stolen from him, piece by piece; first by kyphosis, a spinal abnormality which has made him a social outcast at school and a target for the s...

Holding —Schultz Nicholson, Lorna.

Josh, Sam and Peter are together again for their last summer at hockey camp. Josh is certain that nothing could be better than playing with his friends and cousin Troy, until he discovers that his card shark cousin is ga...

King of fools —Foody, Amanda, author.

"With bounties on their heads, Enne continues to play the role of both a lady and a street lord, while Levi begins a relationship with the son of a member of the Mafia." -- (Source of summary not specified)

The rookie bookie : a novel —Wertheim, L. Jon.

"When seventh-grader Mitch Sloan moves to Jonasburg, Indiana, he uses his exceptional skills in math, money, and sports statistics to make friends--but gets in over his head when he starts a football betting ring"-- Prov...

The whole sky full of stars —Saldaña, René.

Eighteen-year-old Barry competes in a non-sanctioned boxing match in hopes of helping his recently-widowed mother, unaware that his best friend and manager, Alby, has his own desperate need for a share of the purse that ...

Queen of volts —Foody, Amanda, author.

Return to the City of Sin, where the perilous final game is about to begin...The players? Twenty-two of the most powerful, most notorious people in New Reynes. With no choice but to play, Enne and Levi are desperate to ...

All-in —Hautman, Pete, 1952-

Having won thousands of dollars playing high-stakes poker in Las Vegas, seventeen-year-old Denn Doyle hits a losing streak after falling in love with a young casino card dealer named Cattie Hart.

Crows & cards : a novel —Helgerson, Joseph.

In 1849, Zeb's parents ship him off to St. Louis to become an apprentice tanner, but the naive twelve-year-old rebels, casting his lot with a cheating riverboat gambler, while a slave and an Indian medicine man try to ge...

On thin ice —Northrop, Michael, author.
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The way twelve-year-old Ked Eakins of Norton, Maine, sees it his life has been stolen from him, piece by piece; first by kyphosis, a spinal abnormality which has made him a social outcast at school and a target for the s...

Last shot : a Final Four mystery —Feinstein, John.

After winning a basketball reporting contest, eighth graders Stevie and Susan Carol are sent to cover the Final Four tournament, where they discover that a talented player is being blackmailed into throwing the final gam...

The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the ripoff queen —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005.

Ralph Ripoff comes up with a plan to bring gambling to Bear Country by turning his houseboat into a moving casino, and the Bear Scouts do their best to rid their community of this riverboat ripoff.

Stone cold —Hautman, Pete, 1952-

Sixteen-year-old Denn finds himself alienating both friends and family when he becomes obsessed with playing high-stakes poker with adult gamblers.

Big slick —Luper, Eric.

Unable to resist the lure of poker but reluctant to admit his addiction, sixteen-year-old Andrew, a talented player who relies on his mathematical skills to plan game strategy, risks friendship and his parents' trust as ...

All in —Polak, Monique.

A teenaged boy's desire to date the most beautiful girl in grade eleven leads him down a dangerous path.

Running on empty —Aker, Don, 1955-

All Ethan Palmer wants is wheels of his own, and he's finally saved enough money to buy his dream car ... when he accidentally rams his dad's Volvo into their garage. Ethan thinks he has found a way to make some easy mon...

Betting game —O'Connor, Heather, 1960- author.

Jack's a star player on an elite soccer team along with his brother, Alex. The Lancers are on top of the league, even favored to win the National Championship. But the game's about to change. A slick bookie wins Jack's f...

Drop —Papademetriou, Lisa.

Sixteen-year-old math prodigy Jerrica discovers she has the ability to predict outcomes in blackjack and roulette, and joins forces with Sanjay and Kat to develop her theories while helping them get the money they desper...

Ruby Tuesday —Kogler, Jennifer Anne.

The 1988 World Series win by the Los Angeles Dodgers sets off a chain of life-changing events for thirteen-year-old Ruby Tuesday as she travels to Las Vegas and learns some surprising truths about her family members and ...

Gonna roll the bones —Thomson, Sarah L.

Joe Slattermill has a knack for dice throwing and figures that he can take on any opponent. But can he win when the stakes are raised and it's his life he's gambling for?

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