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6 Results
The Blandon Bunch —Benson, Tom.
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The 'Linford Western Library' features a range of novels by both new and established authors. The common thread running through the series is the focus on cowboys and life during the days of the Wild West.

The outlaw's woman —Falcon, Mark, author.
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"When 18-year-old Kelly was brought to trial with the two remaining members of the Bassett gang, the outcome was ten years' imprisonment for Kelly. But she was a born fighter and time would show how, in one way or anothe...

Death or bounty —Parnham, I. J.
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Spenser O'Connor's luck has finally run out. After years of riding with Kirk Morton's outlaw gang, he's been caught and slammed in Beaver Ridge jail. The noose beckons. Then two bounty hunters offer him a choice - die at...