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Die upon a kiss —Hambly, Barbara.
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"In 1835, the cold February streets glitter with masked revelers in Carnival costumes. An even more brilliant display is promised at the American Theater, where impresario Lorenzo Belaggio has brought the first Italian o...

Wet grave —Hambly, Barbara.

A Benjamin January mystery. New Orleans, July 1835. The body of an old freedwoman is found in a decrepit shack. In the wealthy part of town, preparations for a society wedding are finalized. Somehow, these two events are...

Good man Friday —Hambly, Barbara.
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New Orleans, 1838. When Benjamin January suddenly finds that his services playing piano at extravagant balls held by the cities wealthy are no longer required, he ends up agreeing to accompany sugar planter Henri Viellar...

Days of the dead —Hambly, Barbara.

During the October, 1835, political upheavals in Mexico City, a friend of Benjamin January is accused of killing the son of a powerful landholder. Ben and Rose travel south to investigate, in time for the sinister celebr...

Ran away —Hambly, Barbara.
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RAN AWAY. So began a score of advertisements every week in the New Orleans newspapers, advertising for slaves who'd fled their masters. But the Turk, Huseyin Pasha, posted no such advertisement when his two lovely concub...

The freedom of Jenny —Burtinshaw, Julie.

When her father announces that he has saved enough money to buy their freedom from slavery, Jenny Estes makes the long and difficult journey with her family from Missouri to British Columbia in search of a better life.

Crimson angel : a Benjamin January novel —Hambly, Barbara.

When Jefferson Vitrack -- the white half-brother of Benjamin January's wife -- turns up on January's doorstep in the summer of 1838 claiming he has discovered a clue to the whereabouts of the family's lost treasure, Janu...

Good man Friday —Hambly, Barbara.

"Benjamin January's search for a missing man takes him into a dark world filled with grave robbers and slave stealers. New Orleans, 1838. When Benjamin January suddenly finds that his services playing piano at extravaga...

Cold bayou —Hambly, Barbara, author.

New Orleans, 1839. Despite his misgivings, Benjamin January has agreed to play the piano at the wedding of wealthy French Creole landowner Veryl St-Chinian. All is not well, for the marriage of 67-year-old, profoundly in...

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