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The terror : a novel —Simmons, Dan, 1948-

Captain Francis Crozier and the men of the ill-fated 1845 Franklin Expedition fight to survive frigid temperatures, tainted food, a dwindling coal supply, and an unseen predator stalking their ship.

Passage. Searching for the Northwest Passage the story of Sir John Franklin

Cannibalism, vengeance, and a far-reaching cover up by British authorities serve as the lurid highlights of filmmaker John Walker's documentary tracing the adventures of Hudson's Bay Company explorer Dr. John Rae and Bri...

The Terror. The complete 1st season

Inspired by a true story, follow the British Royal Navy's perilous voyage into unchartered territory as the crew attempts to discover the Northwest Passage. Faced with treacherous conditions, limited resources, dwindling...


In 1845, celebrated British explorer Sir John Franklin, along with his crew of 128 men, set sail from England in search of the fabled Northwest Passage. None of them was ever seen again. A search party found no evidence ...

Erebus one ship, two epic voyages, and the greatest naval mystery of all time —Palin, Michael, author, narrator.
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Intrepid voyager, writer and comedian Michael Palin follows the trail of two expeditions made by the Royal Navy's HMS Erebus to opposite ends of the globe, reliving the voyages and investigating the ship itself, lost on ...

Ice ghosts the epic hunt for the lost Franklin Expedition —Watson, Paul, 1959- author.
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"The true story of the greatest mystery of Arctic exploration and the rare mix of marine science and Inuit knowledge that led to the shipwreck's recent discovery. Ice Ghosts weaves together the epic story of the Franklin...

Across frozen seas —Wilson, John, 1951 August 2-

In John Wilson's third young adult title he explores the vast territory of the 1845 Franklin Expedition, travelling aboard the ill fated vessel H. M. S. Erebus from London, England en route to Canada's frozen and unchart...

Sir John Franklin : the search for the Northwest Passage —Knudsen, Anders.

A look at the life of Sir John Franklin, an Arctic explorer, who mysteriously vanished with his crew on his third attempt to find the Northwest Passage, a sailing route through the present-day Canadian Arctic Ocean.

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