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3 Results
Galactic hot dogs. Book 2, The wiener strikes back —Brallier, Max, author.
Graphic Novel
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Cosmoe the Earth-boy and his space-adventuring partners, Big Humphree and Princess Dagger, return--just in time to save the galaxy...Crostini's Cosmic Carnival is a strange, monster-filled space train that travels the ga...

Cosmoe's wiener getaway —Brallier, Max, author.
Graphic Novel
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Meet Cosmoe, the Earth-Boy. He's captain of the Neon Weiner, the finest flying food truck in the galaxy. Along with his bud, Big Humphree, he spends his days cruising the cosmos and staying crazy busy.

General Zod dogs! —Baltazar, Art author.

Superman's old foe General Zod has escaped from the Phantom Zone, and it is up to Superman to save Metropolis from the fiery footsteps of fifty-foot frankfurters.