4 Results
4 Results
Believe me, Goldilocks rocks! : the story of the three bears as told by Baby Bear —Loewen, Nancy, 1964- author.

Baby Bear, who wants to be called Sam, tells the true story of what happened when he and his parents went for a walk while their porridge cooled.

Really, Rapunzel needed a haircut! : the story of Rapunzel, as told by Dame Gothel —Gunderson, Jessica.

"Introduces the concept of point of view through Dame Gothel's retelling of the classic fairy tale "Rapunzel"-- Provided by publisher.

Seriously, Snow White was so forgetful! : the story of Snow White as told by the dwarves —Loewen, Nancy, 1964-

The dwarf known as Seven explains how Snow White's terrible memory was the cause of many problems, including her long sleep, and exactly how she was rescued by a prince.

No lie, I acted like a beast! : the story of Beauty and the Beast as told by the Beast —Loewen, Nancy, 1964-

The Beast relates the true story of how he was unintentionally rude to a fairy while preparing for an audition, then won the heart of a beautiful girl despite his appearance and odor.