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34 Results
The last snake in Ireland : a story about St. Patrick —MacGill-Callahan, Sheila.

Before he becomes a saint, Patrick drives all the snakes but one out of Ireland and that last one he throws into Scotland's Loch Ness.

The Irish Cinderlad —Climo, Shirley.

Becan, a poor boy belittled by his stepmother and stepsisters, rescues a princess in distress after meeting a magical bull.

Fin M'Coul : the giant of Knockmany Hill —DePaola, Tomie, 1934-

Fin M'Coul's wife, Oonagh, helps him outwit his arch rival, Cucullin.

Irish folk tales for children —Kennedy, Sharon.

Irish American storyteller Sharon Kennedy tells tales of wizards and leprechauns, of seal kings and magical transformations. Interwoven with the stories is the music of harper Barbara Russell, fiddler Johnny Cunningham ...

Finn MacCoul and his fearless wife : a giant of a tale from Ireland —Byrd, Robert.

With the help of his brave and clever wife, Finn MacCoul bests the fearsome giant, Cucullin.

Clever Tom and the leprechaun : an old Irish story —Shute, Linda.

Clever Tom Fitzpatrick thinks his fortune is made when he captures a leprechaun and forces him to reveal the hiding place of his gold, but the leprechaun is clever too.

The Prince of Ireland and the three magic stallions —Milligan, Bryce, 1953-

In this retelling of an Irish folktale, the Prince of Ireland's stepmother curses him to stay no longer than two nights anywhere until he brings her a giant's horses from the western edge of the world.

Fair, Brown & Trembling : an Irish Cinderella story —Daly, Jude.

This version of the Cinderella story, in which a young girl overcomes the wickedness of her older sisters to become the bride of a prince, is based on a Irish folktale.

Jamie O'Rourke and the big potato : an Irish folktale —DePaola, Tomie, 1934-

The laziest man in all of Ireland catches a leprechaun, who offers a potato seed instead of a pot of gold for his freedom.

Daniel O'Rourke : an Irish tale —McDermott, Gerald.

Because of a pooka spirit, Daniel O'Rourke embarks on a fantastic journey.

Brigid's cloak : an ancient Irish story —Milligan, Bryce, 1953-

Relates a legend about the Irish slave girl who became Saint Brigid, beginning with a celestial song, a mysterious gift, and a prophecy on the night of her birth.

The story of the Jack O'Lantern —Tegen, Katherine Brown.

On Halloween night, Jack--a stingy and mean man--makes a deal with the devil for a free dinner, only to regret his choice many years later when the devil comes to collect.

Saint Patrick and the peddler —Hodges, Margaret, 1911-2005.

When a poor Irish peddler follows the instructions given to him by Saint Patrick in a dream, his life is greatly changed. Includes background on Saint Patrick and on the origin of the story.

Brave Margaret : an Irish adventure —San Souci, Robert D.

In this retelling of an Irish folktale, a brave young woman battles a sea serpent and rescues her true love from a giant.

The king of Ireland's son —Behan, Brendan.

Sent to find the source of the heavenly music heard throughout the kingdom, the youngest son of the King of Ireland finds a beautiful maiden held captive by a fierce giant.

Mrs. McCool and the giant Cuhullin : an Irish tale —Souhami, Jessica.

The very clever Oona saves her husband, the giant Finn McCool, by outwitting Cuhullin, who seeks to prove that he is the strongest giant in the world by beating Finn.

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