9 Results
9 Results
The Egyptian Cinderella —Climo, Shirley.

In this version of Cinderella set in Egypt in the sixth century B.C., Rhodopis, a slave girl, eventually comes to be chosen by the Pharaoh to be his queen.

Tales of ancient egypt —Green, Roger Lancelyn, author.

Retells twenty stories of magic, adventure, and mythology first told in ancient Egypt.

The shipwrecked sailor : an Egyptian tale of hieroglyphs —Bower, Tamara.

A tale, based on a story found in ancient papyrus scrolls, about a shipwrecked sailor who finds fortune when he is befriended by a serpent that is the Prince of the magical island of Punt.

Rimonah of the Flashing Sword : a North African tale —Kimmel, Eric A.

A traditional Egyptian version of Snow White.

Cry of the benu bird : an Egyptian creation story —Greger, C. Shana (Carol Shana)

Tells how Nun, "a sleeping ocean of deep water surrounded on all sides by Chaos," brings forth first Benu, a magnificent glowing bird, and then Atum, Shu, Tefnut, and the rest of creation.

The monster that grew small : an Egyptian folktale —Grant, Joan, 1907-1989.

A retelling of an Egyptian folktale in which a timid boy finds courage by going after a monster that seems to shrink when confronted.