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Harley the hero —Collins, Peggy, 1975- author, illustrator.

"Harley is a service dog to elementary school teacher Ms. Prichard, who needs a quiet, orderly environment. One of her students, Amelia, has auditory sensitivities of her own. When a small fire throws the class into chao...

Mike's mystery —Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979.

The Alden children are spending the summer out west on Mystery Ranch. The excitement begins when they meet their old friend, Mike. When Mike is blamed for starting a fire, the Boxcar Children know he's innocent. But can ...

One smart Cookie —Nez, John A.

When Cookie, a dog who can read and write, goes to school, he not only inspires the children there, he also helps avert disaster.

Enna burning —Hale, Shannon.

Enna hopes that her new knowledge of how to wield fire will help protect her good friend Isi--the Princess Anidori--and all of Bayern against their enemies, but the need to burn is uncontrollable and puts Enna and her lo...

On fire : a novelization —Sorrells, Walter.

The group is in trouble when the camp lighter is broken and the fire goes out. The fire is their source of heat, smoke signals, and clean water. When a group member gets sick from drinking unsanitized water, the struggle...

Chalice —McKinley, Robin.

A beekeeper by trade, Mirasol's life changes completely when she is named the new Chalice, the most important advisor to the new Master, a former priest of fire.

Fire! —Montgomery, R. A.

"Fire! is a re-release from the original Skylark series of CYOA books for younger readers. Your house catches fire while your mother is out, and you have only moments to decide what to do. Your closest neighbor is defini...

Tears of the salamander —Dickinson, Peter, 1927-

When Alfredo, a twelve-year-old choir boy in eighteenth-century Italy, loses his family in a fire, he goes to live with Uncle Giorgio, who he discovers is a sorcerer in control of the fires of Mt. Etna with sinister plan...

Ghosthunters and the Gruesome Invincible Lightning Ghost! —Funke, Cornelia Caroline.

Hetty Hyssop and her assistant ghosthunters travel to a seaside hotel to investigate the appearance of one of the most dangerous ghosts in the world.

The firekeeper's son —Park, Linda Sue.

In eighteenth-century Korea, after Sang-hee's father injures his ankle, Sang-hee attempts to take over the task of lighting the evening fire which signals to the palace that all is well. Includes historical notes.

Wildfire —Loughead, Deb, 1955- author.

"In this high-interest novel for middle readers, Dylan tries to find the source of a series of mysterious fires."-- Provided by publisher.

Cooking Catastrophe —Smith Dinbergs, Holly.

Sophie and Jess decide to bake some bickies without a recipe. " Just mix everything together and cook it!" But a surprise package in the oven shows the girls that where theres smoke, theres fire...

Runya, the fire fairy —Lindner, Simone.

Runya is a fiery, energetic little fairy, but she is also blessed with a big heart. She and her squirrel friend Pilin heroically attempt to save all the forest animals from a dangerous fire. Can Runya and Pilin rescue th...

Spark —George, K. (Kallie), 1983-

"Spark is a little dragon with a big problem. He can't control his fiery breath. Even practicing doesn't help. Will Spark ever be able to tame his flame?"--p. [4] of cover.

Mary Anne and the library mystery. —Martin, Ann M., 1955-

The Stoneybrook Library children's room is holding a Readathon to raise money for new books. And Mary Anne, who love to read, is helping out by finding good books for the kids to read. But things at the library get reall...

Fire dreams —Loehr, Mallory.

While visiting their grandparents' farm, Joe, Polly, and Sam are called by the magic of fire to go to Mount Olympus to repay a debt to Prometheus.

One smart cookie —Nez, John, author.

Cookie is the best reader in the Baxter family, he's even learning to write! This wouldn't be so unusual, except that Cookie is a dog. Mr. and Mrs. Baxter think it's great, but Nash and Duffy aren't so impressed. Nash wo...

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