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A trial of faith unfolds at the apex of World War I, when secrets are revealed to three courageous Portuguese children through a series of apparitions, while their doubting family and aggressive government officials try ...

The third secret : a novel —Berry, Steve, 1955-

In Fatima, Portugal in 1917, the Virgin Mary shares three secrets with three peasant children, but the anticlimactic revelation of the third secret in 2000 leaves people wondering if the Church has divulged all of her wo...

The third secret a novel —Berry, Steve, 1955-
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Fatima, Portugal, 1917. The Virgin Mary appears to three peasant children, sharing with them three secrets, two of which are soon revealed to the world. The third secret is sealed away in the Vatican, read only by popes,...

The third revelation —McInerny, Ralph, 1929-2010.

"Retired CIA operative Vincent Traeger spent years working undercover in Rome. Now, he is going back to solve a mystery. The Vatican's secretary of state has been brutally murdered along with a prefect of the Vatican Lib...