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Lily's promise —Erskine, Kathryn, author.

Shy, eleven-year-old Lily made her dad an important promise before he passed away--that she would "Strive for Five" and speak her mind at least five times. But speaking up one time, let alone five, is easier said than do...

Clues to the universe —Li, Christina, author.

The only thing Rosalind Ling Geraghty loves more than watching NASA launches with her dad is building rockets with him. When he dies unexpectedly, all Ro has left of him is an unfinished model rocket they had been workin...

Me, Frida, and the secret of the peacock ring —Cervantes, Angela, author.

When Lizzie and Gael share an irresistible challenge, to find the peacock ring that once belonged to artist Frida Kahlo, Paloma decides it is the perfect way to honor her father.

Smiler's bones —Lerangis, Peter.

In 1897, Robert Peary took six Eskimos from their homes and "presented" them to the American Museum of Natural History in New York as a living exhibit. Two of them were father and son: Qisuk ("Smiler") and Minik. This is...

Things you can't say —Bishop, Jenn, author.

Three years after his father's death by suicide, twelve-year-old Drew embarks on a journey toward understanding, forgiveness, and hope.

The pond —Davies, Nicola, 1958- author.

A touching picture book for children about a young boy and his family overcoming the loss of his father. This colorful, emotional book is filled with natural imagery, centering on a small pond in the garden, and will tea...

Porcupine —Tilly, Meg.

After their father is killed in Afghanistan, Jack and her younger siblings end up on a run-down farm on the Prairies, living with a great-grandmother that never knew they existed.

Death by toilet paper —Gephart, Donna.

Contest-crazed twelve-year-old Ben uses his wits and way with words in hopes of winning a prize that will keep his family from being evicted until his mother can pass her final CPA examination.

Everett Anderson's goodbye —Clifton, Lucille, 1936-2010.

Everett Anderson has a difficult time coming to terms with his grief after his father dies.

Many points of me —Gertler, Caroline, author.

"Georgia Rosenbloom's father was a famous artist. His most well-known paintings were a series of asterisms--patterns of stars--that he created. One represented a bird, one himself, and one Georgia's mother. There was sup...

Conspiracy 365. July —Lord, Gabrielle, author.

How can Cal find out more about Piers Ormond's will if he is stuck on a fishing boat after becoming indebted to the captain? If he can find his great-aunt Millicent, he may have a better chance of finding the will. But s...

June —Lord, Gabrielle.

After escaping from the burning wreck of the Orca with only seconds to spare, fifteen-year-old Callum Ormond, a fugitive since the death of his father, must dodge both police and criminals as he continues his pursuit of ...

Hero —Lupica, Mike

Fourteen-year-old Zach learns he has the same special abilities as his father, who was the President's globe-trotting troubleshooter until "the Bads" killed him, and now Zach must decide whether to use his powers in the ...

Five minutes more —Ryan, Darlene, 1958-

After D'Arcy's father dies, she struggles to come to terms with the fact that he committed suicide.

Isaiah Dunn is my hero —Baptist, Kelly J., author.

"Isaiah is now the big man of the house. But it's a lot harder than his dad made it look. His little sister, Charlie, asks too many questions, and Mama's gone totally silent. Good thing Isaiah can count on his best frien...

May —Lord, Gabrielle.

"Cal's identity has been stripped from him and he's been locked up in an asylum where danger lurks on both sides of the bars. He has no idea who has put him there, but the doctors are convinced he is delusional and have ...

Dead to me —Watson, Cristy, 1964-

"Ever since Logan found out that his uncle was involved in the accident that killed Logan's dad, he's been full of resentment.He cuts his uncle out of his life, and finds that being reckless is the only way to feel anyth...

Marja's skis —Pendziwol, Jean.

A young Finnish Canadian girl named Marja starts to ski to school everyday after she turns seven and continues to do so even after her father dies in a logging accident. Ultimately her perserverance is put to the test on...

Steelheart —Sanderson, Brandon.
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Ten years ago, Calamity came. It was a burst in the sky that gave ordinary people extraordinary powers. The awed public started calling them Epics. Epics are no friends of man. An astonishingly powerful Epic named Steelh...

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