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1700 Results
A hole new world —Pat + Jen (YouTube personality), author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 15 of 20

When Pat and Jen stumble into a hidden hole while playing hide-and-seek, they find that they're trapped in a dangerous underworld and that their good friend, Bomby, has been kidnapped! Now it's up to our daring duo and t...

Hildafolk. Volume 3, Hilda and the bird parade —Pearson, Luke.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 12 of 15

"Hilda learns that it's the day of Trolberg's annual Bird Parade, a spectacular carnival in which crowds people from all over the city gather to match the streets in colourful, awe-inspiring plumage" -- from publisher's ...

Death note. 2, Confluence —Ōba, Tsugumi.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 5 of 12

Light thinks he's put an end to his troubles with the FBI--by using the Death Note to kill off the FBI agents working the case in Japan! But one of the agents has a fiancée who used to work in the Bureau, and now she's ...

Pokémon XY. Volume 8 —Kusaka, Hidenori, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 11 of 15

As the Gym leaders desperately try to prevent Team Flare from firing their ultimate weapon, our friends meet a mysterious stranger who reveals vital information about the weapon's arcane history.

A wrinkle in time : the graphic novel —Larson, Hope.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 16 of 29

A graphic novel adaptation of the classic tale in which Meg Murry and her friends become involved with unearthly strangers and a search for Meg's father, who has disappeared while engaged in secret work for the governmen...

Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. [Volume] 4 —Takeuchi, Naoko.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 7 of 9

"A new group calling themselves Black Moon is after Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Guardians, wielding a new power known only as the Malefic Black Crystal. Chibi-Usa may be the key to it all, but to find the answers an...

How to train your dragon. The serpent's heir —Deblois, Dean, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 5 of 9

"As the new chief, Hiccup must bring order to his village after the recent attack by the Bewilderbeast. Another opportunity to prove himself comes when the earthquake-plagued island of Nepenthe calls for assistance. But ...

New moon. Volume 1 the graphic novel —Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-
Graphic Novel
Availability: 10 of 12

Bella and Edward find themselves facing new obstacles, including a devastating separation, dangerous wolves roaming the forest in Forks, and a sinister encounter with Italy's reigning royal family of vampires, the Voltur...

Avatar, the last airbender. The promise. Part three —Yang, Gene Luen.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 6 of 13

The Harmony Restoration Movement has failed, and the four nations are plunged back into war! In the midst of the battle, can Aang and Fire Lord Zuko mend the rift between them, or will Aang be forced to take actions that...

The exile an Outlander graphic novel —Gabaldon, Diana.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 23 of 26

Retells in graphic novel format the first Outlander novel from Jamie Fraser's point of view, revealing events never seen in the original story.

Bleach. Volume 1, Strawberry and the Soul Reapers —Kubo, Tite.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 9 of 13

Ichigo Kurosaki has always been able to see ghosts, but his life changes dramatically when he encounters Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper, and becomes a Soul Reaper himself. Now it is his job to protect innocent persons from...

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