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27 Results

A young girl walks through a secret door that she has found in her new home and discovers an alternate version of her life. On the surface, this parallel reality is eerily similar to her real life, but much better. When ...

Despicable me. 2, 3 mini-movie collection

Bringing laughs for the whole family, the mischievous Minions return in three new hilariously entertaining mini-movies. In 'Puppy', when Kyle is unwilling to behave like a real dog, the Minions go looking for one who wil...

Jem and the Holograms

When Jerrica Benton becomes an overnight music sensation known as Jem, she finds that she must balance her relationships with her family members and the potential to become a solo star.

The Berenstain Bears. Summer family fun

It's time for family fun in the summer sun with the Berenstain Bears! Join Papa, Mama, Sister and Brother as they go fishing at the cottage, swimming at the beach and enjoy the lazy days of summer together.

The Berenstain Bears. Springtime surprises

Brother Bear helps Boss Bunny learn the true meaning of the Holiday spirit.

Alpha and Omega. Family vacation

Kate and Humphrey take their pups on their first family vacation! The wolves are ready for a relaxing getaway to Alfred Creek Falls; until they discover trappers on their trail. To outwit the trappers and get to safety, ...

The Berenstain Bears. Family matters

When Mama and Papa go off on a second honeymoon, Brother and Sister are certain they're in for the most boring time of their lives spending an entire week with their grandparents. However, the cubs' preconception that ol...

Happy together

The Happy Together Collection is a 140 minutes compilation featuring some of Kaboom!'s most beloved characters in heart-warming stories that celebrate the power of friendship.

The railway children

When their father is sent away to prison, three London children move to the country where they keep busy preventing accidents on the nearby railway, making many new friends, and generally learning a good deal about thems...

Turkey hollow

The story follows a recently divorced dad and his two kids as they travel to celebrate Thanksgiving with their eccentric Aunt Cly in the rustic town of Turkey Hollow. Exploring the mysterious surrounding woods leads the ...

3 pigs and a baby

When three pigs are the target of a special-ops team of wolves and their plan to finally infiltrate the impenetrable house of bricks, the unassuming pigs find a tiny wolf cub on their doorstep and raise him as their own....

Elmo's world. Families, mail & bath time!

The Oinker Sisters sing a pig diddy, Elmo gets a special delivery and Ernie serenades Rubber Duckie in the tub!

The Little Bear movie

During a camping trip with his father, Little Bear befriends a wild little bear named Cub. Together with Duck, Cat, Owl and Hen, Little Bear and his new friend go on a heartwarming adventure to reunite Cub with his paren...

Arthur. Arthur's family vacation

Two stories featuring young Arthur the aardvark: A rainy family vacation is not Arthur's idea of a good time, but he discovers 101 fun things to do in the rain. Arthur and D.W. spend a week at their Grandfather's farm an...

Lost stallions the journey home

Jake goes on a retreat to a ranch with his mother after the death of his father. There he meets a young stallion acting out after losing his mother. When the horse runs away, Jake goes on the adventure of his life with h...

The Berenstain Bears always look on the bright side

Mama, Papa, Sister, and Brother Bear have more adventures in Bear County along with learning important lessons and values. This DVD offers more adventures from the long-running and highly successful book series.

The Berenstain Bears. On the case

When the Bear Family vacations in an old lighthouse rendered obsolete by modern technology, they discover it's rumoured to be haunted. Although the cubs encounter mysterious sights and sounds, they're anything but spooke...

Goldilocks and the 3 bears

In a modern twist on a classic tale, Goldilocks is living in the same house as the three bears as part of a reality show. Now the four of them have to learn to live together for the sake of high ratings!

Stuart Little. Fun around every curve!

Follows the adventures of the mouse, Stuart Little, as he learns about cooperation, self-esteem, and fair play.

Reading rainbow. Family Matters

Children are encouraged to read by host LeVar Burton through a combination of field trips, music, animation, and live-action that bring stories to life.

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