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The body in the boudoir —Page, Katherine Hall.
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Faith Fairchild turns back the clock to one of the most momentous events of her life: her wedding day. It's 1990, and Faith Sibley is a single young woman with her own catering business in New York City. But a chance mee...

The body in the wardrobe —Page, Katherine Hall, author.

Sophie Maxwell teams up with Faith to investigate a dead body that nobody else believes she saw, a case that is complicated by bullies, Tom's major life decision, and a suspicious ex.

The body in the lighthouse : a Faith Fairchild mystery —Page, Katherine Hall.

Summering with her family at their cottage in Maine, Faith becomes embroiled in a dispute between permanent residents and the "summer people" who are building trophy houses. The murder of a developer brings the situation...

The body in the sleigh : a Faith Fairchild mystery —Page, Katherine Hall.

The Fairchild family is spending the Christmas holidays on idyllic Sanpere Island in Maine while the Reverend Thomas Fairchild recuperates from surgery. His wife, Faith, is rejoicing in the rare, holiday family-time toge...

The body in the snowdrift : a Faith Fairchild mystery —Page, Katherine Hall.

Traveling to Vermont to attend her father-in-law's birthday, Faith Fairchild discovers the dead body of a local lawyer and wonders if his death was accidental or intentional, in a case complicated by the disappearance of...

The body in the piazza —Page, Katherine Hall.
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To celebrate a wedding anniversary, amateur sleuth/caterer Faith Fairchild and her husband are off to Italy for a vacation. The plan is to spend a romantic weekend in Rome before heading to Florence to visit Faith's form...

The body in the attic : a Faith Fairchild mystery —Page, Katherine Hall.

Faith Fairchild and her minister husband move to Cambridge, Massachusetts where Faith runs into her old flame, Richard Morgan, and she also finds a diary of a woman who had lived in the Fairchilds' residence in 1946 whic...

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