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129 Results
Ice wreck —Penner, Lucille Recht.

Relates how twenty-seven men and sixty-nine sled dogs aboard the Endurance struggled to survive when the ship became stuck in the ice during an expedition to Antarctica in 1914.

Beyond the sea of ice : the voyages of Henry Hudson —Goodman, Joan E.

An account of Henry Hudson's four voyages in search of a passage to the Orient in the early seventeenth century and the discoveries made by him on the northeastern coast of America.

Christopher Columbus —Krensky, Stephen.

A simple account of Christopher Columbus' first voyage to America.

Jacques Cartier and the exploration of Canada —Harmon, Daniel E.

Describes the life and travels of Jacques Cartier, the sixteenth century French navigator who made three voyages to what is today known as Canada, in search of a northwest passage to China.

A child's history of the world —Hillyer, V. M. (Virgil Mores), 1875-1931, author.

History is presented with a personal viewpoint of how and why it may have happened.

Emperors of the ice : a true story of disaster and survival in the Antarctic, 1910-13 —Farr, Richard, 1960-

Apsley "Cherry" Cherry-Garrard shares his adventures as the youngest member of Robert Scott's expedition to Antarctica in the early twentieth century, during which he and Edward Wilson try to learn the evolutionary histo...

Uncommon traveler : Mary Kingsley in Africa —Brown, Don, 1949-

A brief biography of the self-educated nineteenth-century Englishwoman who, after a secluded childhood and youth, traveled alone through unexplored West Africa in 1893 and 1894 and learned much about the area and its inh...

Trial by ice : a photobiography of Sir Ernest Shackleton —Kostyal, K. M., 1951-

Traces the adventurous life of the South Pole explorer whose ship, the Endurance, was frozen in ice and crushed, leaving the captain and crew to fight for survival.

Eric the Red : the Viking adventurer —Grant, Neil.

Presents the saga of the Norse explorer who settled Greenland.

What was the Age of Exploration? —Daly-Weir, Catherine, author.

"Before the fifteenth century, European sailors were unsure what waited for them beyond their well-known travel routes around the Mediterranean Sea, so they kept within sight of land. But all of that changed after Prince...

ابن بطوطة Ibn Batutah —شرف الدين: فاطمة. —Sharaf al-Dīn, Fāṭimah

This book takes the reader through the travels of the early explorer Ibn Battuta, who left behind an outstanding book detailing his adventures and the cultures of the diverse lands he visited.

Explorers —Hacker, Carlotta.

Profiles the lives and accomplishments of such women known for their travels as Isabella Bird Bishop, Amelia Earhart, Mary Kingsley, Annie Smith Peck, Freya Stark, and Valentina Tereshkova.

Explorers —Arlon, Penelope, author.

"Anyone can be an explorer. But every explorer must be brave and determined. Meet the men and women who have pushed themselves to the limit."--Page [4] of cover.

Exploring North America —Morley, Jacqueline.

Tells the story of how Europeans got to know the size and shape of the northern part of the New World, an area discovered over a period of four centuries.

Viking explorers —Pruneti, Luigi.

An illustrated survey of the early history of the Vikings, focusing on sea exploration, ships, navigation methods, and trade routes.

Extreme scientists : exploring nature's mysteries from perilous places —Jackson, Donna M., 1959-

Offers a look at the exciting, dangerous, and important jobs that three different extreme scientists do around the world, the reasons they do it, and the benefits the world has gained as a result of their research.

John Cabot and his son Sebastian —Syme, Ronald, 1910-1992

A biography of the Venetian explorer and his son both of whom made several voyages of discovery for England including the discovery of the North American continent in 1497.

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