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60 Results
Henry Hudson : seeking the Northwest Passage —Gleason, Carrie, 1973-

A look at the life of English explorer Henry Hudson, his four voyages in search of a northern passage from Europe to Asia, and his legacy.

You wouldn't want to explore with Sir Francis Drake! : a pirate you'd rather not know —Stewart, David, 1954-

An addition to a humorous series looks at the darker side of exploring the world with Sir Francis Drake--a dangerous voyage that would last for three long years.

Trial by ice : a photobiography of Sir Ernest Shackleton —Kostyal, K. M., 1951-

Traces the adventurous life of the South Pole explorer whose ship, the Endurance, was frozen in ice and crushed, leaving the captain and crew to fight for survival.

Sir John Franklin : the search for the Northwest Passage —Knudsen, Anders.

A look at the life of Sir John Franklin, an Arctic explorer, who mysteriously vanished with his crew on his third attempt to find the Northwest Passage, a sailing route through the present-day Canadian Arctic Ocean.

Uncommon traveler : Mary Kingsley in Africa —Brown, Don, 1949-

A brief biography of the self-educated nineteenth-century Englishwoman who, after a secluded childhood and youth, traveled alone through unexplored West Africa in 1893 and 1894 and learned much about the area and its inh...

The remarkable voyages of Captain Cook —Blumberg, Rhoda.

An account of the historic adventures and achievements of the great British explorer and discoverer of Australia, Hawaii, and other Pacific Ocean lands and peoples.

Captain Cook & his exploration of the Pacific —Morriss, Roger.

With hundreds of facts about the famous explorer and the Age of Discovery and Exploration in the Pacific, this book offers a comprehensive, informative. and highly readable introduction to the world of Captain Cook. Feat...

Ernest Shackleton —Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel (María Isabel), author.

A picture-book biography of Ernest Shackleton, who, when he "was young, ... longed for a life of adventure. After a career in the Merchant Navy, he joined a landmark expedition to try to reach the South Pole for the firs...

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