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The London Eye mystery —Dowd, Siobhan.

When Ted and Kat's cousin Salim disappears from the London Eye ferris wheel, the two siblings must work together--Ted with his brain that is "wired differently" and impatient Kat--to try to solve the mystery of what happ...

The boy at the back of the class —Raúf, Onjali Q., author.

When quiet, nine-year-old Ahmet arrives in their classroom, a boy and his friends fail to draw him out but try a new plan after learning he is a Syrian refugee.

Disney's The Prince and the Pauper.

Mickey and his delightful double, along with Donald, Goofy, Horace, and Pluto, bring all the warmth and adventure of Disney's version of Mark Twain's 'Prince and the pauper' to life in this illustrated storybook.

The secret garden —Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1849-1924.

Ten-year-old Mary comes to live in a lonely house on the Yorkshire moors and discovers an invalid cousin and the mysteries of a locked garden.

Code name Bananas —Walliams, David, 1971- author.

1940. Britain is at war with Nazi Germany. Eleven-year-old Eric spends his days at the place that makes him most happy: London Zoo. And there's one animal in particular he loves: Gertrude the gorilla. With bombs falling ...

Frost and Snowdrop the stray kittens —Moonheart, Ella, author.

Kitty has noticed that Emerald, one of the cats in the neighborhood, is acting very strangely. With a little help from her friend Misty, Kitty discovers that Emerald is looking after two lost kittens Frost and Snowdrop. ...

Tunnels —Gordon, Roderick.

When Will Burrows and his friend Chester embark on a quest to find Will's archaeologist father, who has inexplicably disappeared, they are led to a labyrinthine world underneath London, full of sinister inhabitants with ...

The Marvels —Selznick, Brian, author, illustrator.

In 1766, a boy, Billy Marvel, is shipwrecked, rescued, and goes on to found a brilliant family of actors that flourishes in London until 1900--and nearly a century later, Joseph Jervis, runs away from home, seeking refug...

Raven's gate —Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-

Sent to live in a foster home in a remote Yorkshire village, Matt, a troubled fourteen-year-old English boy, uncovers an evil plot involving witchcraft and the site of an ancient stone circle.

Little women —Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888, author.

"The beloved story of the March girls is a classic American feminist novel, reflecting the tension between cultural obligation and artistic and personal freedom"-- Provided by publisher.

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows —Rowling, J. K.
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There have been heavy casualties on the side of the good and virtuous, and Lord Voldemort's forces continue their march toward triumph. But Harry has learned much through the years and the time has come for a final epic...

Dodsworth in London —Egan, Tim.

Despite a dart-throwing episode at a local pub and a case of mistaken identity, Dodsworth and his mischievous duck companion receive a royal invitation to stay at Buckingham Palace during their trip to London.

Christian, the hugging lion —Richardson, Justin, 1963-

When Ace and John find a lion cub for sale at Harrods department store, they buy him, name him Christian, and the three live happily for a year in a London apartment, but eventually Christian grows too big and they must ...

One dog and his boy —Ibbotson, Eva.

When lonely, ten-year-old Hal learns that his wealthy but neglectful parents only rented Fleck, the dog he always wanted, he and new friend Pippa take Fleck and four other dogs from the rental agency on a trek from Londo...

The screaming staircase —Stroud, Jonathan.

Follows three young operatives of a psychic detection agency as they battle an epidemic of ghosts in London.

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban —Rowling, J. K.
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During his third year at Hogwarts School Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter must confront the devious and dangerous wizard responsible for his parents' deaths.

Star the little farm cat —Moonheart, Ella, author.

Kitty is going to her cousin s farm for the weekend! There, she meets the farmhouse cat, Star, whose job is to chase mice away from the strawberry harvest but it s hard now that he s older. Daisy the puppy wants to help,...

The Amulet of Samarkand —Stroud, Jonathan.

Nathaniel, a magician's apprentice, summons up the djinni Bartimaeus and instructs him to steal the Amulet of Samarkand from the powerful magician Simon Lovelace.

Misty the scared kitten —Moonheart, Ella, author.

After Kitty magically turns into a cat, she meets with the local Cat Council and is recommended as their new Guardian.

The missing heir —Barrett, Tracy, 1955-

Xena and Xander Holmes, an American brother and sister living in London, use clues from their ancestor Sherlock Holmes' casebook to help classmate Alice Banders, who goes missing following the announcement that she will ...

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