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A touch of Frost. Season 13

Detective Jack Frost is called to investigate when a couple return from holiday to find the body of a complete stranger in their bed. He also becomes involved in a murder inquiry and uncovers a crime ring involved in the...

Can you save an endangered species? : an interactive eco adventure —Braun, Eric, 1971- author.

"Poachers, habitat destruction, overhunting and fishing, and disease all endanger animal species around the world. But you can help save them! Navigate through three different stories in this mission to save a species. W...

The jaguar : help save this endangered species! —Feinstein, Stephen.

Examines the jaguar's physical characteristics, behaviour, and habitat, and why it is at risk of extinction.

Don't let them disappear : 12 endangered species across the globe —Clinton, Chelsea, author.

Profiles twelve endangered species around the world, including giraffes, gorillas, giant pandas, and polar bears, and describes why it is important to save each animal from extinction.

A-Z of Endangered Animals —Cossins, Jennifer.

This beautifully illustrated full-colour picture book is packed with interesting facts and is perfect for young conservationists and students alike with a keen interest in the world around us. On this journey through the...

Survival —Claybourne, Anna, author.

Profiles twenty endangered species around the world, including snow leopards, bumblebees, and mountain gorillas, and discusses the dangers they face, the action being taken to protect them and their vital importance on E...

Beloved beasts : fighting for life in an age of extinction —Nijhuis, Michelle, author.

"A vibrant history of the modern conservation movement-told through the lives and ideas of the people who built it. In the late nineteenth century, as humans came to realize that our rapidly industrializing and globalizi...

The red wolf : help save this endangered species! —Imbriaco, Alison.

Discusses the physical characteristics, behaviour, habitat, and reasons why the red wolf is endangered and what conservationists and governments are doing to save them.

The life cycle of a sea turtle —Kalman, Bobbie.

Describes how sea turtles develop from eggs to adult turtles and migrate long distances, talks about the dangers they face from animal and human predators, and suggests ways children can help.

Rewilding : giving nature a second chance —Drake, Jane, 1954- author.

"A comprehensive look at the environmental movement of rewilding whereby habitats are restored to their natural states and native plants and animals are reintroduced to these habitats around the world."-- Provided by pub...

Great white sharks —Levine, Marie, author.

"Discover the science, myths, and folklore of the great white shark. From physical features and classification to habitat, diet, and communication ..."--P. [4] of cover.

Endangered animals of Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific islands.

"Information about some of the more important and interesting endangered animals of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, including the animal's common name, scientific name, and conservation status; also incl...

Hummingbird salamander —VanderMeer, Jeff, author.

"From Jeff VanderMeer, the author of Annihilation, comes a brilliant speculative thriller of dark conspiracy, endangered species, and the end of all things"-- Provided by publisher.

The mountain gorilla : help save this endangered species! —Imbriaco, Alison.

Examines the characteristics and habits of the mountain gorilla and explains why the gorillas are at risk of extinction and what people can do to help save this species .

Panda rescue : changing the future for endangered wildlife —Bortolotti, Dan.

An exploration of pandas, their natural environment and in captivity, the threat of extinction, and the conservationists who are working with them.

Reading about the river otter —Greene, Carol.

Describes the river otter and its behavior, explains its status as an endangered species, and suggests what can be done to help save it.

The wolf —Mitchell, Hayley R., 1968-

Discusses the habits, habitat, and endangered status of the wolf, as well as its place in human society.

Hope for animals and their world how endangered species are being rescued from the brink —Goodall, Jane, 1934-
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At a time when we are confronted with bad news about the environment nearly every day, renowned scientist Jane Goodall brings us inspiring news about the future of the animal kingdom. With the insatiable curiosity and co...

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