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The country bunny and the little gold shoes, as told to Jenifer —Heyward, DuBose, 1885-1940.

To the surprise of many, the little country cottontail becomes one of the special Easter bunnies even though she has twenty-one children of her very own.

Chicken Sunday —Polacco, Patricia

To thank Miss Eula for her wonderful Sunday chicken dinners, three children sell decorated eggs to buy her a beautiful Easter hat.

The Easter bunny that overslept —Friedrich, Priscilla.

Having slept past Easter, the Easter bunny tries to distribute his eggs on Mother's Day, the Fourth of July, and Halloween, but no one is interested. At Christmas time it is Santa who gets him back on track.

The great big especially beautiful Easter egg —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

At Easter, a man tells his two grandchildren how he searched many years ago for a special Easter egg to give to his friend Charlotte.

Happy Easter Corduroy —Freeman, Don, 1908-1978.

When it's time for Easter, Corduroy invites his friends over for a special egg hunt. There's a picnic, too. What a wonderful Easter day!

Elephant and Mouse get ready for Easter —Grambling, Lois G.

Elephant and Mouse borrow colored eggs from a robin, a cardinal and a bobolink so that they can make a thank-you basket for Easter Rabbit that will surprise him when he returns from his Easter deliveries.

Hop, the movie : the chapter book —Auerbach, Annie.

When Fred, an out-of-work slacker, accidentally injures the Easter Bunny, he must take him in as he recovers as well as take his place in order to save Easter.

The bunny who found Easter —Zolotow, Charlotte, 1915-2013

A lonely rabbit searches for others of his kind from summer through winter until he finds one special bunny.

Danny and the Easter egg —Kunhardt, Edith.

Danny colors Easter eggs with his friends, then hunts for them after they are hidden by the Easter Bunny, and gives a special one to his grandmother.

Splat the cat : where's the Easter Bunny? —Scotton, Rob.

After Splat writes the Easter Bunny, he tries to find him to deliver the note.

The big bunny and the Easter eggs —Kroll, Steven.

Poor Wilbur, the Easter Bunny, gets so sick that he almost misses his Easter deliveries.

Silly Tilly and the Easter Bunny —Hoban, Lillian.

Silly Tilly Mole is so forgetful and silly on Easter morning that she cannot find her bonnet and fails to let the Easter Bunny into the house.

A rabbit for Easter —Carrick, Carol.

Paul is entrusted with the class rabbit over Easter Vacation.

Easter parade —Chalmers, Mary, 1927-

The Easter animals gather for a springtime parade and everyone gets an Easter basket.

More bunny trouble —Wilhelm, Hans, 1945-

When his baby sister crawls away while he is supposed to be watching her, Ralph and the other bunnies stop decorating Easter eggs to search for her.

The Easter story —David, Juliet.

Retells the Easter story, including the ministry of Jesus and his betrayal, crucifixion, and resurrection.

Peter Rabbit's happy Easter —Maccarone, Grace.

Inventing a new tradition, Peter Rabbit becomes the Easter Bunny. Based on Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit character.

Little Rabbit's Easter surprise —Compton, Kenn.

Little Rabbit wants to help his father, the Easter Bunny, decorate and distribute eggs for the holiday, but decides to keep the one he has made for someone very special.

A very special Easter

Features baby animals spending time together and engaging in Easter activities with loved ones on a spring day. On board pages.

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