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29 Results
What makes day and night —Branley, Franklyn M. (Franklyn Mansfield), 1915-2002.

A simple explanation of how the rotation of the earth causes night and day.

Sun up, sun down : the story of day and night —Bailey, Jacqui.

Follows the sun from dawn to dusk to explain how light rays travel, how shadows are formed, how the moon lights up the night sky, and more.

How long is a year? —Clark, Claire, 1973-

"Simple text and photos explain a year as a unit of time and Earth's orbit of the sun"-- Provided by publisher.

Day and night —Evans, Shira.

Describes how birds tweet and bees buzz in the daylight before entirely different creatures awaken and prowl after dark.

Day and night —Green, Jen.

This title explains the concepts of night and day to young readers, while also providing scientific information about the sun, moon, and stars. Fact boxes highlight various bits of information, such as the Earth's dista...

How long is a day? —Clark, Claire, 1973-

"Simple text and photos explain a day as a unit of time and the parts of a day"-- Provided by publisher.

Day and night —Sikkens, Crystal, author.

"Read about the Sun and Moon and how they change positions in the sky throughout the day. Find out what else can be seen in the sky."-- Provided by publisher.

Let's explore night and day —Waxman, Laura Hamilton, author.

"Learn the names for the different parts of the day and night cycle, beginning with dawn and ending with night" -- Provided by publisher.

There is day and night —Brennan, Linda Crotta, author.

"Offers answers to the most compelling questions about the rotation of the earth. Age-appropriate explanations and appealing photos. Additional text features and search tools, including a glossary and an index, help stud...

Day and night —Jaycox, Jaclyn, 1983- author.

"The sun shines bright during the day, but why can't you see it at night? Follow the patterns of the sun and Earth to learn what causes day and night"-- Provided by publisher.

Investigating seasons —Richard, Orlin.

Eye-catching photos, informative captions, and succinct yet engaging text introduce young readers to the cycle of the seasons.

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