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48 Results
Record breakers!

Record Breakers brings you the first, fastest, longest, largest, biggest, and best records in the world. Track the longest shark migration (20,000 km/12,400 miles); visit the coolest place on the planet (Vostok Station, ...

Utterly amazing Earth —Jerram, Dougal, author.

Provides information about the planet Earth, covering land, atmosphere, and climate, in a book that includes flaps, pop-ups, and wheels.-- Source other than the Library of Congress.

The natural world —Richards, Jon, 1970- author.

"This visually exciting book takes a unique look at our globe from the perspective of the wildlife and geology of Earth. Using an innovative design, maps are populated by infographics, graphs, and icons to represent info...

A math journey through Planet Earth —Rooney, Anne, author.

Fun pictograms and infographics about planet Earth make learning about math topics such as volume, scale diagrams, division, and number lines easy and fun. In this book, readers go on a mission to protect threatened area...

Listopia : planet Earth —Buckley, James, Jr., 1963-

"Discover 50 fascinating top-ten lists full of facts and trivia about planet Earth in this engaging nonfiction book! This book contains fifty lists of the most extreme and unusual facts about our planet. From the highest...

Earth —Murray, Julie, 1969-

This book introduces young readers to important information, like what Earth is made out of, and what makes it able to support life. This is a Level 3 title and is written specifically for transitional readers. Aligned t...

Infographic : guide to the globe —Berkowitz, Eliza, author.

"Which ocean is the largest? What pet is most popular in different parts of the world? How far away is each planet from the sun? Learn these and dozens of other fascinating facts about our planet and its inhabitants in L...

Sky and earth.

Provides answers to questions about the seasons, rivers, deserts, volcanoes, oceans, icebergs, moon, stars, planets, and space. An activities section is included.

Earth in 30 seconds —Ganeri, Anita, 1961- author.

In this exciting title for young Earthlings, every inch of our planet is explored and explained, from the air in the atmosphere to the molten magma beneath our feet. 30 key topics from deserts to oceans are covered, each...

The earth from A to Z —Kalman, Bobbie.

Presents a term related to some aspect of the Earth and its physical features for each letter of the alphabet.

The Earth : [our home planet] —Jefferis, David.

Provides answers to questions like "How big is the Earth?", "When was the Earth formed?", and "What is the magnetosphere?".

20 fun facts about geology —Machajewski, Sarah, author.

Learning how Earth, mountains, oceans, and other fantastic landforms were formed millions of years ago truly expands a young reader's concept of their own life and the world around them. This geology-themed book full of ...

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