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Here we are : notes for living on planet Earth —Jeffers, Oliver, author, illustrator.

Insightfully sweet, with a gentle humor and poignancy, here is Oliver Jeffers' user's guide to life on Earth. He created it specially for his son, yet with a universality that embraces all children and their parents. Be ...

The Earth gives more —Fliess, Sue, author.

"In each season, Earth has something special to enjoy--and we can find ways to be good stewards to the planet too!"-- Provided by publisher.

If you come to Earth —Blackall, Sophie, author, illustrator.

In this picture book, a boy writes a letter to an imagined alien, explaining all the things he will need to know about Earth and the people who live here--and adding a postscript asking what the alien might look like.

On the day you were born —Frasier, Debra.

The earth celebrates the birth of a newborn baby.

Trouble on planet Earth —Montgomery, R. A.

The reader, as a young investigator, must figure out who is draining the Earth's oil reserves. By choosing specific pages, the reader determines the outcome of the plot.

The King of Quizzical Island —Snell, Gordon.

When no one can answer his question about what is at the edge of the world, the King of Quizzical Island builds a boat and sets sail to find out for himself, despite the objections of his fearful people.

If instead of a person : a poem —Defriend, Courtney, 1990-

"If instead of a person imaginatively explores the wisdom to be learned from living as a tree. Using child-friendly rhyming verse, Courtney Defriend thougthfully ponders a tree's steadfast connection and vital contributi...

The boy who ate the world : and the girl who saved it —Gillmor, Don.

Hermann coudn't stop eating! Before long, he was eating entire countries. Now, only Sara can save the world.

Journey around the world —Albee, Sarah.

The explorers sail around the world to prove to Queen Tasha that the world is round, not flat.

My friend Earth —MacLachlan, Patricia, author.

Die-cut pages invite reader to explore how Earth is a friend to all creatures, watching over us as the year cycles through the seasons.

This pretty planet —Chapin, Tom, 1945- author.

Provides lyrics and, on the end papers, sheet music to a song about the pretty planet that spins through space, keeping us safe night and day.

Dear children of the earth : a letter from home —Schimmel, Schim, 1954-

Mother Earth writes a letter telling people about herself and asking them to take care of her for themselves and for all living creatures.

On Earth —Karas, G. Brian.

Discusses the earth and its cycles.

The earth is good : a chant in praise of nature —DeMunn, Michael.

Simple text and illustrations introduce the earth and its treasures, including its trees, flowers, animals, and weather.

Space taxi : Archie takes flight —Mass, Wendy, 1967- author.

On Take your kid to work day, eight-year-old Archie discovers that his father drives a space taxi that shuttles aliens from one area of the universe to another.

Satellite —Lake, Nick, author.

Born and raised on Moon 2, Leo and the twins, Orion and Libra, are finally old enough and strong enough to endure the dangerous trip to Earth. They've been parented by teams of astronauts since birth and have run countle...

Imagine a world —Gonsalves, Rob.

Illustrations and evocative text show how imagination can reveal the extraordinary in various places, from taking a swim in a salty sky to soaring over submerged lands under the sea.

PJ Masks save the Earth —Nakamura, May, author.

"Someone is knocking over the trash cans in the city. It's up to the PJ Masks to find out who it is and help clean up, but Catboy is disgusted by the smelly trash and doesn't want to help. Eventually Catboy learns that, ...

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