10 Results
10 Results
Escaping darkness —Jenkins, Jerry B., author.

Twins Ashley and Bryce get involved in another mystery when they observe strange goings-on near the alpaca farm, and, meantime, their school is imbroiled in a controversy over an annual day of public prayer.

Wtf —Lerangis, Peter.

Some high school students, undercover police, and drug dealers endure a crazy night of missed meet-ups, automobile accidents, suburban house parties, frantic text-messaging, and other panic-inducing experiences in and ar...

Kindness for weakness —Goodman, Shawn, 1970-

A fifteen-year-old boy from an abusive home desperately seeking his older brother's love and approval starts pushing drugs for him and suffers the consequences.

Zach's lie —Smith, Roland, 1951-

When Jack Osborne is befriended by his school's custodian and a Basque girl, he begins to adjust to his family's sudden move to Elko, Nevada, after entering the Witness Security Program, but the drug cartel against which...

Gravity check —Van Tol, Alex.

Jamie and his brother Seth stumble upon a marijuana grow-op when they go mountain biking in the backcountry.

Tripping back blue —Storti, Kara, author.

"Finn is a gentle, tortured dealer and addict whose life is slipping away. When he finds an almost magical drug called Indigo, he thinks it will let him break free, but he's dead wrong"-- Provided by publisher.

Blow —Lundgren, Jodi, 1966-

When her friend Jeff ask Meringue to cover his pizza route, she jumps at the chance to cruise around town on her mother's scooter. But by the time Meringue figures out what's going on, a bigger drug dealer is moving in o...