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98 Results
Let's talk about drug abuse —Kreiner, Anna.

A simple introduction to different drugs and how they affect the body and to the problem of drug abuse.

Drugs and birth defects —Shniderman, Nancy, 1956-

Explains the dangers that various drugs can pose to pregnant women and their unborn children, discussing birth defects such as fetal alcohol syndrome and the effects of cocaine and heroin.

Marijuana —Schleichert, Elizabeth.

Examines the history, dangers, and both physical and social effects of the drug marijuana.

Drugs. —Stewart, Gail B. (Gail Barbara), 1949-

Discusses the social pressures, family instability, health risks, and treatments involved with drugs.

Avoiding drugs —Murphy, Patricia J., 1963-

Learn how to avoid harmful drugs.

Drug abuse —Washburne, Carolyn Kott.

An overview of the problem of drug abuse and efforts to combat it.

Transgenerational addiction —Biggers, Jeff.

Discusses drug abuse and alcoholism, how they may be passed from one generation to the next, and the problems they can cause in families.

Heroin —Gallagher, Jim, 1969-

Examines the history, nature, sources, and effects of heroin, the dangers of its use, and treatment for addiction to it.

Crack, the new drug epidemic! —Berger, Gilda.

Discusses the manufacture and sale of crack, explains the dangers of crack use and addiction, and describes efforts to treat addicts and end the crack trade.

Club drugs —Marcovitz, Hal.

Provides information about club drugs, also known as designer drugs, looking at the history of the drugs, and discussing club drug abuse, the dangers of club drugs, and attempts to eliminate club drugs.

Critters cry too —Curcio, Anthony, author, illustrator.

"Critters didn't need much to be happy, a good game of critterball, and doing whatever they loved to do most, talking to each other, usually was enough. But when Whateveritwas came, all of that changed. Some Critters sto...

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