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185 Results
Glass —Hopkins, Ellen, author.

Eighteen-year-old Kristina is determined to manage her crystal meth addiction in order to take care of her newborn son, but when the pull of the drug becomes too strong, her greatest fears are quickly realized.

Suckerpunch —Hernandez, David, 1964-

Shy, seventeen-year-old Marcus and his sixteen-year-old brother, Enrique, accompanied by two friends, drive from their home in southern California to Monterey to confront the abusive father who walked out a year earlier,...

Blood brothers —Harazin, S. A.

With his best friend on life-support after taking drugs at a party, seventeen-year-old Clay, a medical technician, recalls their long friendship, future plans, and recent disagreement, and tries to figure out who is resp...

Two kinds of truth —Connelly, Michael, 1956- author.
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Harry Bosch is back as a volunteer working cold cases for the San Fernando police and is called out to a local drug store where a young pharmacist has been murdered. Bosch and the town's three-person detective squad sift...

Junk —Burgess, Melvin.

After running away from their troubled homes, two English teenagers move in with a group of squatters in the port city of Bristol and try to find ways to support their growing addiction to heroin.

Requiem for a dream

Writer/director Darren Aronofsky follows up his successful and acclaimed feature debut, Pi, with Requiem for a Dream, based on the 1978 novel by literary legend Hubert Selby, Jr. (whose credits include Last Exit to Brook...

Fat kid rules the world —Going, K. L. (Kelly L.)

Seventeen-year-old Troy, depressed, suicidal, and weighing nearly 300 pounds, gets a new perspective on life when a homeless teenager who is a genius on guitar wants Troy to be the drummer in his rock band.

The bodies we wear —Roberts, Jeyn.

After a powerful new drug causes havoc and deadly addiction, seventeen-year-old Faye trains to take revenge on those who took her future and murdered the boy she loved.

Rooftop —Volponi, Paul.

Still reeling from seeing police shoot his unarmed cousin to death on the roof of a New York City housing project, seventeen-year-old Clay is dragged into the whirlwind of political manipulation that follows.

Survive the night —Vega, Danielle, author.

Fresh out of rehab for oxycodone addiction, Casey and some of her friends attend an all-night rave called Survive the Night in the New York City subway, and find themselves fighting for their lives because drugs are not ...

Brave enough —Gardner, Kati, author.

The lives of Davis Channing, a cancer-surviving recovering addict, and Cason Martin, a ballerina undergoing chemotherapy, intersect in a powerful way at a time when both are struggling to survive life-threatening disease...

Stoner & Spaz —Koertge, Ronald.

A troubled youth with cerebral palsy struggles toward self-acceptance with the help of a drug-addicted young woman.

Naked lunch

Part-time pest-control man and full-time drug addict Bill Lee (Weller) seeks escape from his troubled existence in 1953 New York and flees to Interzone (a hallucinatory version of Tangiers) where reality and fantasy have...

A cruel deception —Todd, Charles, author.

The Armistice of November 1918 ended the fighting, but the Great War will not be over until a Peace Treaty is drawn up and signed by all parties. Representatives from the Allies are gathering in Paris, and already ominou...

Playing with fire : a novel —Carlson, Melody.

Just before her older brother is due to return from a drug rehabilitation clinic, Sam has a dream about an explosion in a place she believes may be associated with illegal drugs, but she is unsure if this is a vision fro...

Winter Hawk star —Brouwer, Sigmund, 1959-

When Tyler and his obnoxious teammate, Riley, are sent to volunteer at a youth program, Tyler finds the strength and passion that allows him to step up his game on the ice.

You'd be home now —Glasgow, Kathleen, 1969- author.

After a fatal car accident that reveals Emory's brother Joey's opioid addiction, Emory struggles to help him on his road to recovery and make herself heard in a town that insists on not listening.

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