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105 Results
The story of Baldomera —Ballesteros, Enrique G., author.

"Every time Ismael left for work, Baldomera felt a bit sad. But he always returned a few days later. Then a long time passed without any sign of Ismael. Where could her best friend be?"--Back cover.

A Dusty donkey detour —Nawrocki, Michael, author.

Merle and Pearl, still in the clutches of their squirrelnapper, ride on a talking donkey, Dusty, from Nazareth to Ein Karem while Dr. Gomez and Michael follow their trail.

It's a book —Smith, Lane.

Two readers compare a print to digital media, and learn books are still valuable.

The return of Thelma the unicorn —Blabey, Aaron, author, illustrator.

Told in rhyming text, Thelma is a pony who created a big splash when she dressed up and posed as a unicorn, but she returned to her best friend Otis the donkey when fame proved to be stressful; now her many fans want her...

You loves Ewe! —Bell, Cece, author, illustrator.

Homonyms cause great confusion as an increasingly cranky yam tries to make introductions and provide explanations to a newly-arrived and rather silly donkey.

The misfit donkey —Cameron, W. Bruce, author.

Lily lives with her girl, Maggie Rose. Once a stray, Lily was rescued by the kind people at the animal shelter run by Maggie Rose's mom. Now she has a very important purpose: to rescue other animals in trouble. A baby do...

Crash Bang Donkey! —Newton, Jill, 1964- author, illustrator.

A donkey's loud musical instruments annoy Farmer Gruff--until he discovers that the music keeps away the pesky crows that have been eating his corn crop.

Coconut comes to school —Doherty, Berlie.

When Coconut the donkey comes to school the teacher is not too happy.

Brighty of the Grand Canyon —Henry, Marguerite, 1902-1997.

Summary: Relates the adventures of a little burro who blazed trails through the Grand Canyon and met many famous people in the process.

Saint Francis and the Christmas donkey —Byrd, Robert.

Saint Francis, who loves all animals, explains to a sullen donkey why his kind have always had to work hard, but also tells him of a donkey's role in the first Christmas.

The donkey's dream —Berger, Barbara Helen, 1945-

A donkey has fantastic dreams while crossing the desert, and at the end of the day the lady who has been riding on his back gives birth in a cave to a very special baby, the baby Jesus.

Little Green Donkey —Allepuz, Anuska, 1979- author, illustrator.

Little Donkey eats so much grass that he turns green, causing his mother to convince him to try new foods. But what happens when he discovers he likes carrots?

The dinky donkey —Smith, Craig, 1972- author, composer.

Originally written as a children's song, Wonky Donkey has a daughter, cute and small, and prone to mischief.

Cowie —Stanton, Elizabeth Rose, author, illustrator.

A donkey wants to be a cow but needs his animal friends to help him learn how to moo first.

Lily to the rescue : The misfit donkey —Cameron, W. Bruce, author.

"Rescued shelter dog Lily offers assistance when a baby donkey tries to make friends with a neighboring herd of older donkeys, who reject the foal for mysterious reasons"-- Provided by publisher.

Honestly, our music stole the show! : the story of the Bremen Town musicians as told by the donkey —Gunderson, Jessica, author.

The Bremen Town Musicians never wanted to be heroes. They wanted a recording contract! At least that's the story readers hear from the donkey's point of view in this charming twist on the classic fairy tale "The Bremen T...

The grinny granny donkey —Smith, Craig, 1972- author.

In this sequel to The Wonky Donkey, told in rhyming text, readers will meet Dinky Donkey's grandmother, who has a problem--her false teeth keep falling out of her mouth.

Sylvester and the magic pebble —Steig, William, 1907-2003.

A cherished classic is brought to life with the audio stylings of renowned actor James Earl Jones. Sylvester can{u2019}t believe his luck when he finds a magic pebble that can make wishes come true. But when a lion jumps...

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