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We love our dad! ; We love our mom! —Berenstain, Jan, 1923-2012, author.

Join the Bear family as they discover the perfect ways to celebrate two important holidays: Mother's Day and Father's Dayin this two-in-one 8x8 storybook.

Mother's Day surprise —Krones, C. A., author.

Curious George needs to be creative to help his friends make Mother's Day special.

Diary of a wimpy kid : the third wheel —Kinney, Jeff, author.

A dance at Greg's middle school has everyone scrambling to find a partner, and Greg is determined not to be left by the wayside. So he concocts a desperate plan to find someone-- anyone!-- to go with on the big night. Bu...

Nate the great and the Earth Day robot —Sharmat, Andrew, author.

"The Earth Day Fair is days away, but Nate's classroom project--a robot named Mr. Butler--has disappeared. Nate the Great and his dog, Sludge, take on the unusual case, and they are soon searching high and low in and aro...

Good morning, Canada —Beck, Andrea, 1956- author.

"Good morning to friends from coast to coast to coast! As the pages turn on bright landscapes and changing seasons across the country, rhyming text cheerily greets the sights and sounds of a Canadian day"--Back cover.

Happy Father's Day —Mayer, Mercer, 1943-

Little Critter and Little Sister plan a big surprise for Dad and Grandpa for Father's Day.

TBH, no one can ever know —Greenwald, Lisa, author.

It's no secret that Victoria's mom can be OTT overprotective! But lately her anxiety has been too much to handle. So even though Victoria is helping plan the school's Valentine's Day dance, she might not be allowed to go...

Peppa Pig and the day of giving thanks.

COMPANION TO: PEPPA PIG AND THE CHRISTMAS PLAY, ISBN 9781536209488. Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Peppa story that little ones everywhere will appreciate, inspired by the award-winning animated TV series on Nick Jr. Plea...

Froggy's day with Dad —London, Jonathan, 1947-

Froggy and his dad celebrate Father's Day with a game of miniature golf, among other things.

TBH, I don't want to say good-bye —Greenwald, Lisa, author.

When summer break brings BIG changes, these BFFs 4EVA may end up saying good-bye 4EVA in the eighth and final book in this popular middle-grade series told entirely in text messages, emojis, and passed notes. TBH, Cece, ...

The Berenstain Bears' fall family fun —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author.

Join the Berenstain Bears as they celebrate two autumn holidays -- Halloween and Thanksgiving -- and discover that there's so much to appreciate all year long!

The ugly pumpkin : a Thanksgiving story —Horowitz, Dave, 1970-

A lonely, oddly-shaped pumpkin is sad that no one chose him for Halloween, but by Thanksgiving he has discovered where he belongs.

The origin of day and night —Ikuutaq Rumbolt, Paula, 1990- author.

"In this Inuit tale, the actions of a hare and a fox change the Arctic forever by creating day and night. In very early times, there was no night or day and words spoken by chance could become real. When a hare and a fox...

Parents' Day surprise —Lamb, Anne, author.

A Pete the Cat story based on the Amazon original series finds Pete and his friends planning a special surprise for a classmate whose mother cannot attend Parents' Day at school because of her military tour of duty.

Peppa Pig and the Earth Day adventure.

COMPANION TO: PEPPA PIG AND THE DAY OF GIVING THANKS, ISBN 9781536216608. Recycling, a visit to the Botanical Gardens, and a ride in an electric car - its all part of Peppa and Georges Earth Day celebration! Ages 2 to 5

Llama Llama. Mother's Day present

"Llama Llama wants to give Mama the best Mother's Day present ever, but he doesn't know what she wants! Pancakes in bed? A day spent in the garden? Seems like a good time for Llama to go undercover to find out! And maybe...

The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving blessings —Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author.

On their way to Grizzly Gramps' and Grans' house for Thanksgiving dinner, Papa reminds his cubs that Thanksgiving Day is about more than just food.

Juliet the valentine fairy —Meadows, Daisy.

Jack Frost and his goblins have stolen the magical objects that make Valentine's Day so special. Now sweethearts are sad, and friends and families are fighting! Even Rachel and Kirsty aren't getting along. When Juliet th...

Stories to share with Papa Bear —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author.

The Berenstain Bears Blaze a Trail: Bumbling Papa Bear tries to help the Bear Scouts earn their merit badges in hiking. The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Honey: Sister Bear, Brother Bear, Cousin Fred, and his hound Sn...

Biscuit loves Mother's Day —Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, 1957-

Biscuit, the puppy, spends the day helping his family celebrate Mother's Day.

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