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Diary of a wimpy kid : the third wheel —Kinney, Jeff, author.

A dance at Greg's middle school has everyone scrambling to find a partner, and Greg is determined not to be left by the wayside. So he concocts a desperate plan to find someone-- anyone!-- to go with on the big night. Bu...

Barn dance! —Hutchins, Pat, 1942-2017

After Horse, Sheep, and Pig dance until they must lie down to rest, their little ones sneak out to continue the party.

Dance party —Bird, Pip, author.

"Everyone at Unicorn School is excited for the upcoming dance party, including Mira--even though her unicorn, Dave, loves doughnuts more than prancing. But before the dance, Mira and Dave have to go on a very special que...

Tales from a not-so-happy heartbreaker —Russell, Rachel Renée.

Middle-school drama queen Nikki Maxwell worries about asking a boy to her school's Sweetheart Dance.

Spring it on! —Maridan, Samantha.

Miranda is put in charge of the spring dance, but unfortunately someone is trying to sabotage it and Lizzie must figure out who is responsible.

Crush alert —Bryant, Annie.

"Love is in the air at Abigail Adams Junior High. There's a big dance coming up, and the BSG are having fun thinking up dream dates. But as the day of the dance approaches, things start to get complicated. Why is Dillon ...

You can't invite a fish to a dance party —Williams, Jessica, author.

"The pets all agreed, Fish couldn't be invited to the dance party. It was too dangerous. Besides, fish don't have feet for dancing and they can't sing karaoke. They were sure he wouldn't have any fun. But Fish had other ...

The third wheel —Kinney, Jeff.
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In the seventh book of the Wimpy Kid series, Greg's world is turned upside down when his middle school has a Valentine's Day dance. Greg scrambles to find a date, but is worried that he will be left without one. An unexp...

School dance party —Willard, Eliza.

"It's time for the big fall dance and everyone has a date--except Mary-Kate and Ashley! Ashley wants to go with her boyfriend, Rick. But he has a secret date with someone else! Mary-Kate has a secret, too--a secret admir...

Ghouls just want to have fun —Miedoso, Andres, author.

School dances are tricky. Everybody wants to go, but nobody wants to dance. The music is too loud for anyone to talk. Teachers are there watching kids, but telling them to go out and have a good time. Oh, and at Kersvill...

The (totally not) guaranteed guide to stressing, obsessing & second-guessing : a novel —McCafferty, Megan.

"Smarties and skaters unite, collecting signatures on a petition to bring back the school's annual dance. Meanwhile, Jessica faces the outcome of the mortifying-but-true Top Secret Pineville Junior High Crushability Test...

Wish upon a star —Krulik, Nancy E.

When Addie's promise to get superstar pop singer Cody Tucker to sing at the annual winter dance turns out to be a lie, Jenny must come to her rescue.

Hugs and sprinkles —Berk, Sheryl, author.

When Kylie tells her friend Lexi that she wishes she had someone to go the the dance with, a secret admirer begins to leave notes and gifts in her locker.

TBH, no one can ever know —Greenwald, Lisa, author.

It's no secret that Victoria's mom can be OTT overprotective! But lately her anxiety has been too much to handle. So even though Victoria is helping plan the school's Valentine's Day dance, she might not be allowed to go...

The magical mix-up —King, Zach, author.

"Long homeschooled, Zach's finally comfortable at public school. Even though he's missing his magical powers, he's got a best friend, a super-popular YouTube channel, and a crush on Rachel, the prettiest girl in school. ...

On the run —Herman, Gail, 1959- author.

"Jack Porter, track star. Everyone liked him, at least that's what he thought. He met Becky at the last meet of the year. Whoa! She was pretty. And she wanted to go to the dance with him. But then she turned ice-cold. Wh...

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