5 Results
5 Results
Monster manners

Help your little monsters learn to mind their manners! Can Rosita control her emotions and keep her hands to herself? Will Prairie help Cookie Monster master polite table manners and can Cookie stop himself and not gobbl...

The Berenstain Bears. Christmas tree

Papa Bear takes Brother and Sister Bear out to find the perfect Christmas tree, and along the way they discover the true meaning of the holiday season. The Bears experience a series of seasonal lessons that help them sta...

Le fabuleux voyage de Moppi

Moppi the puppy and her friend Lori recount their many exciting journeys. Contains songs, dances, interaction with children, games, animation, and special effects. Entertaining and dynamic, and also educational, teaching...

Manners, please!

Manners are a big part of growing up! Kids always practise their manners, no matter where they are or who they are with. Learn more in this interactive video.