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Sleeping Cinderella and other princess mix-ups —Clarkson, Stephanie.

Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel are all unhappy, but when they decide to switch places for a day each discovers what she likes -- and what she can change -- about her own life.

The Little Green Girl —Anchin, Lisa, author, illustrator.

Mr. Aster, who likes routine, is happy to care for Little Green Girl when she arrives in his garden, but not interested in helping her see the world beyond its walls.

Just one more —Rolli, Jennifer Hansen, author, illustrator.

Little Ruby always wants one more of just about everything until she learns that more is sometimes too much.

Purple Little Bird —Foley, Greg E., 1969- author, illustrator.

Purple Little Bird leaves his almost-perfect purple home in search of a better place, but although Brown Bear, Yellow Camel, and others live in very nice places, none is quite right for him.

Perfect square —Hall, Michael, 1954-

A perfect square that is perfectly happy is torn into pieces, punched with holes, crumpled, and otherwise changed but finds in each transformation that it can be something new, and just as happy.

Mr. Pack Rat really wants that —Ewert, Marcus, author.

"Through trial and error, Mr. Pack Rat begins to question whether having more things is really the secret to happiness"-- Provided by publisher.

Three hens and a peacock —Laminack, Lester L., 1956-

When life on the Tucker farm is disrupted by the arrival of a peacock, whose shrieking and strutting bring many welcome visitors, the hens complain that they are doing all of the work until the hound suggests a trade.

In —McClure, Nikki, author, illustrator.

Through minimal text and cut-paper illustrations, shows the many things a boy can enjoy while inside his house, then outside, then in again. Includes a list of the author's favorite owls.

Don't feed the boy —Latham, Irene.

Eleven-year-old Whit's zookeeper parents have rarely allowed him to go outside of the Alabama zoo they run, but he stops seeing it as such a cage when he meets "Bird Girl, for whom the place is a refuge from problems at ...

The way life should be —Kline, Christina Baker, 1964- author.
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Feeling stuck in her personal life and career, thirty-three-year-old Angela pursues a seemingly idyllic online relationship with a sailing instructor from Maine, relocates there, and learns important truths about underst...

It's not easy being Number Three —Dernavich, Drew, author, illustrator.

Bored with doing the same thing all the time, Number Three quits and sets out to see what else he might do then, after trying many other possibilities, finally finds the perfect job.

Homer —Cooper, Elisha.

Homer the dog is content to watch from the porch as his family goes out to enjoy the day.

The great lollipop caper —Krall, Dan

Tired of having only adults like his acidic taste, Mr. Caper makes caper-flavored lollipops that are sent throughout the world, but his plot has unexpected consequences and only Lollipop can save the day.

Miracle on 133rd Street —Manzano, Sonia.

The day before Christmas, everyone in Jose's neighborhood seems grumpy, including his mother who is homesick for Puerto Rico, but when he and his parents return from the pizzeria where they borrowed an oven to cook their...

Three by the sea —Grey, Mini.

Cat, Dog, and Mouse live together contentedly in a cottage by the sea, dividing the work between them, until A. Stranger, Esq., a fox from the Winds of Change company, arrives and stirs up trouble.

A dachshund's wish —Tavano, Joe.

"When Paws, a dachshund puppy, joins a new family, he makes a wish that would change his life forever. He decides that he'd much rather live life as a boy instead of as a puppy. With the advice and help of other animal f...