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74 Results
You can change the world : the kids' guide to a better planet —Bell, Lucy, author.

Kids around the world are working together to make our planet a better, safer, happier place--and now you can join in with this practical guide! You Can Change the World empowers kids to make changes in their lives and c...

Guardians of the planet —Gifford, Clive.

This environmentally positive book contains everything children need to become guardians of the planet. Kids can learn how to become keepers of the coasts, friends of the forests, home heroes and much more through a mix ...

Repurpose it : invent new uses for old stuff —Enz, Tammy.

"Explains the principles of inventing and provides photo-illustrated instructions for making a variety of projects that recycle and reuse materials"--Provided by publisher.

Earth's resources geo facts —Howell, Izzi, author.

"Learn about the kind of resources Earth holds, and how they are extracted and used. Discover the problems and challenges posed by human consumption of these resources, from overfishing to dwindling supplies of fossil fu...

Rewilding : giving nature a second chance —Drake, Jane, 1954- author.

"A comprehensive look at the environmental movement of rewilding whereby habitats are restored to their natural states and native plants and animals are reintroduced to these habitats around the world."-- Provided by pub...

Crinkleroot's guide to giving back to nature —Arnosky, Jim.

Crinkleroot introduces readers to nature, giving a guided tour of the seasons and suggesting things they can do in their own backyards to protect the environment.

Eco-solutions : it's in your hands —Owen, Oliver S., 1920-

Discusses environmental problems including population growth, air and water pollution, and the depletion of natural resources.

Atlas of environmental issues —Middleton, Nick.

Describes and explains major environmental issues of the world today including soil erosion, deforestation, mechanised agriculture, oil pollution of the oceans, acid rain, overfishing, and nuclear power.

Saving planet Earth —Kerven, Rosalind.

Presents the advantages and drawbacks of various actions being taken by people and governments to save and protect the earth's resources, wilderness areas, plants, animals, and tribal peoples.

Old enough to save the planet —Kirby, Loll, author.

"I'm big enough to read this book, I'm smart enough to hear the news, I care enough to make a change, I'm old enough to save the planet. The world is facing a climate crisis like we've never seen before. And kids around ...

Stubborn Qushqush —تابري، إلهام دويري —Tābirī, Ilhām Duwayrī.

The story teaches the children how to save each drop of water. Children identify with the hero because he does not behave ideally. --Amazon.com

Protect nature —Barnham, Kay.

Explores how every day actions of humans can harm nature, from the pollution created by the fuel we use to the habitats that are destroyed to make way for cities.

This book is not garbage : 50 ways to ditch plastic, reduce trash, and save the world! —Thomas, Isabel, 1979- author.

Our planet is in peril and needs your help! If you want to learn to reduce waste and save the Earth, here are practical tips and projects that make a difference! The bad news is, humans throw away too much trash. But the...

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