13 Results
13 Results
Stink Moody in master of disaster —McDonald, Megan.

Look up! Look out! A comet is coming, a comet is coming! Stink is camped out in the backyard with his sister, Judy, and he can't wait to lay eyes on P/2015 OZ4, also known as the Sherman-Holm Comet. But then news of an a...

The secret explorers and the comet collision —King, SJ, author.

The secret explorers jump into action to fix a space probe that is orbiting Jupiter before a comet can destroy the planet, as they dodge astroids and attempt dangerous spacewalks to complete their mission.

Arthur and the comet crisis —Krensky, Stephen.

Buster tries to convince Arthur, the Brain, and his other friends that he not only saw a UFO but also a comet heading for the earth.

On the night of the comet —Coakley, Lena, 1967-

On the night of the comet, when all cats can speak, two tigers and a snow leopard stop by Peter's house.

Space bingo —Abbott, Tony, 1952-

Ned beamed Roop and Suzi from the year 2099 into his bedroom closet and they are ready for excitement until a giant comet comes hurtling toward Earth.

Little Star —Willson, Sarah.

Dora and Boots must get Little Star back into the sky after it has been knocked out of its place by a comet.

Wormwood —Taylor, G. P.

In 1756, as a deadly comet hurtles toward London, Dr. Sabian Blake and his fourteen-year-old housemaid, Agetta, struggle against dark forces that seek an ancient, powerful book in Blake's possession that would enable the...

Sozin's comet : the final battle —Bergantino, David.

Aang battles the ultimate enemy, the evil FIre Lord, in a heroic attempt to save the world.

What star is this? —Slate, Joseph.

A small comet heads for earth and arrives at the manger where Baby Jesus lies.

Maria's comet —Hopkinson, Deborah.

As a young girl, budding astronomer Maria Mitchell dreams of searching the night sky and some day finding a new comet.

Comet in Moominland —Jansson, Tove.

When Moomintroll learns that a comet will be passing by, he and his friend Sniff travel to the Observatory on the Lonely Mountains to consult the Professors. Along the way, they have many adventures, but the greatest adv...