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19 Results
Would you —Jocelyn, Marthe.

When her beloved sister, Claire, steps in front of a car and winds up in a coma, Nat's anticipated summer of working, hanging around with friends, and seeing Claire off to college is transformed into a nightmare of docto...

Nothing but the truth —Blake, Emily.

Kelly Reeves is ruining Alison's life. Her mom is in jail, her ex-boyfriend is in a coma, and her dad is gone. Not to mention that Chad left her for her cousin and then said he still loved her. Then when Chad finally wak...

The healing spell —Little, Kimberley Griffiths.

Eleven-year-old tomboy Livie is sure that she is responsible for the accident that has put her mother into a coma, so, trying to make amends, she travels through the Louisiana swamps to get a spell that will make her mot...

Shades of Simon Gray —McDonald, Joyce.

Seventeen-year-old Simon lies in a coma, finding his space and time overlapping with that of a man who was lynched over 200 years ago. Meanwhile, a member of the cheating ring he has been helping wonders if their actions...

When we got lost in Dreamland —Welford, Ross, author.

eThe landmark new novel from Ross Welford, one of the fastest-growing and most critically acclaimed middle grade authors in the UK, this funny, moving and brilliant sixth book cements his position as the most exciting st...

The nightmare thief —Lesperance, Nicole, author.

When Maren breaks the strict rules of her family's dream shop to help her comatose sister, she is caught and blackmailed by a woman with evil plans for the town of Rockpool Bay.

The Nightmare Thief —Lesperance, Nicole, author.

"For fans of A Snicker of Magic and The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl comes a suspenseful dark fantasy duology, perfect for middle school readers that love stories of magic and sisterhood with a dash of danger. Maren...

The dreamwalker's child —Voake, Steve.

After being hit by a car Sam Palmer finds himself in Aurobon, a land of giant insects where some of the inhabitants are working to keep Earth's ecology in balance while others are trying to wipe out humankind with a leth...

Heaven looks a lot like the mall a novel —Mass, Wendy, 1967-
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When high school junior Tessa Reynolds falls into a coma after getting hit in the head during gym class, she experiences heaven as the mall where her parents work, and she revisits key events from her life, causing her t...

The Flinkwater factor : a novel in five thrilling episodes —Hautman, Pete, 1952- author.

Thirteen-year-old Ginger investigates a series of weird events taking place in her home town of Flinkwater, Iowa, beginning with people falling into comas while using their computers.

Anything But Ordinary —Avery, Lara.

A slight error left Olympic diving-hopeful Bryce Graham in a five-year coma and now, at at twenty-two, she must adjust to a world that went on without her and to visions that may or may not be real.

Ghostgirl homecoming —Hurley, Tonya.

When Petula becomes deathly ill, her sister Scarlet seeks help from former classmate Charlotte, for whom the afterlife has become burdensome, leaving her just as insecure and isolated as she was while she was alive.

Homecoming —Hurley, Tonya.

When Petula becomes deathly ill, her sister Scarlet seeks help from former classmate Charlotte, for whom the afterlife has become burdensome, leaving her just as insecure and isolated as she was while she was alive.

Game changer —Greenwald, Tom, 1962- author.

Thirteen-year-old Teddy Youngblood is in a coma fighting for his life after an unspecified football injury at training camp. His family and friends flock to his bedside to support his recovery--and to discuss the events ...

Somewhere between life and death —McDaniel, Lurlene.

When a tragic automobile accident places her sister in an irreversible coma, Amy must come to terms with the notion of euthanasia and the meaning of life and death.

Game changer —Greenwald, Tom, 1962- author.

While thirteen-year-old Teddy fights for his life after a football injury at training camp, his friends and family gather to support him and discuss events leading to his coma. Told through dialogue, text messages, newsp...

Reading to Matthew —Vivelo, Jackie.

John likes to read aloud to his little brother Matthew. When Matthew is injured and in a coma, John calls on this shared experience to help Matthew regain consciousness.

Inside Grandad —Dickinson, Peter, 1927-

Gavin tries to enlist the help of selkies--seal people--to communicate with his comatose grandfather.